System Information Viewer History
Version 5.76 released on 14-Mar-2024
Added IPMI KCS support and the [IPMI Status] panel. When IPMI is available this will be used rather than directly reading the motherboard sensors.
Moved DIMM Temperature update from the Sensors Thread a new DIMMs Thread to better handle systems with many DIMMs, especially systems which have IPMI KCS.
Changed [Memory Speed] to only check the first few CPUs for each NUMA Node when there are multiple NUMA Nodes and made it more colourful.
Changed [TCP Ports] to [TCP V4 Ports], [UDP Ports] to [UDP V4 Ports] and added [TCP V6 Ports] + [UDP V6 Ports] + [Show Port Names]. Enhanced [Adapters] + [Interfaces] + [Routing] to report IP6 information and connection speeds > 4 Gbps.
Added support for the Alienware m16 R1 and AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX processors. Added reporting of the AMD X570 chipset PCH temperature.
Enhanced Windows 9x support to mitigate against the 255 controls per dialog box template limit.
Added Windows 11 24H2 Build 26080 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Version 5.75 released on 19-Jan-2024
Added Corsair RGB Commander Core (CRCC) + Corsair RGB Commander ST (CRCS) + Corsair RGB Commander XT (CRCX) reporting support.
Enhanced support for Intel Xeon E7 V2 (Ivy Bridge-EX) CPUs and systems.
Enhanced LSI MegaRAID support to report more for SAS + SCSI Disk Drives.
Added MSI MS-7D70 (MPG X670E Carbon Wifi) motherboard support.
Added Windows 11 24H2 Build 26020 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Version 5.74 released on 14-Nov-2023
Enhanced Intel Core Raptor Lake-U and added initial AMD EPYC Genoa + Bergamo + Siena support.
Added PCH Temperature reporting support for Intel 700 + 600 + 500 series chipsets + RPL-U + ADL-U + TGL-U + ICL-U SoCs.
Added Intel Innovation Platform Framework Generic Participant (INTC1043 + INTC1046) temperature reporting support.
Resolved issue with AIO device detection when there are a large number of HID devices. Added SMBIOS V3.7.0 reporting.
Added support for MSI MS-7C84 (MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi) motherboard.
Added Windows 11 24H2 Build 25992 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Version 5.73 released on 14-Sep-2023
Added initial AMD Ryzen Strix Point + Granite Ridge + Intel Core Meteor Lake-P support.
Added support for AMD EPYC Milan + Ryzen Threadripper Castle Peak + Ryzen 9 Phoenix + Ryzen 5 Cezanne + Ryzen 3 Renoir + Picasso + Raven Ridge + Pinnacle Ridge CPU Core and L3 Cache temperature reporting.
Enhanced [Sensors] so that a Left/Click on an icon will popup the appropriate [Highlight Setup] panel and added per category highlighting menu entries.
From Windows 11 23H2 Build 25936 SIV will not use the "Circumvented the bug in Window 11 22H2 that caused SIV to report zero % Kernel CPU time and the overall % to be too low." work around that was added in V5.70 as Microsoft have fixed their bug.
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25951 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Version 5.72 released on 14-Aug-2023
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25926 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for AMD Ryzen 9 Raphael + Vermeer + Ryzen 5 Matisse CPU Core, CCD and L3 Cache temperature reporting.
Enhanced [Sensor Status] to use three columns when there are a large number of sensors and replaced [Status|▼] with [Sensors|▼] on the initial screen.
Enhanced LCD Panels to be able to report a fan and it's control voltage, current, power or temperature, on the same line and added tooltips which show more information.
Added [AMD PMT Data] which dumps some AMD PMT data and allows a value range to be highlighted.
Improved the NZXT Grid+ V2 on-line/off-line support.
Version 5.71 released on 14-Jul-2023
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25393 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for AMD Ryzen Threadripper (Storm Peak) CPUs.
Added initial support for Intel Core (Meteor Lake) + AMD Ryzen (Granite Ridge) CPUs.
Added reporting of the AMD X670 XHCI Controller Temperature.
Added [GPU D3D Node] which reports the GPU D3D node engine types and GPU times.
Added Aqua Computer Vision, including software sensor, reporting support.
Adjusted the DDR5 memory reported speed for some Zen 4 AMD Ryzen systems.
Added ASUS Crosshair X670E motherboard support.
Version 5.70 released on 14-May-2023
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25357 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Circumvented the bug in Window 11 22H2 that caused SIV to report zero % Kernel CPU time and the overall % to be too low.
Added Intel Core i5 1240P (Alder Lake-U) and similar support. Added the [Bluetooth IDs] panel.
Report i486 + i386 CPUs that don't have CPUID support as Generic rather than Intel, Windows reports these as PROCESSOR_INTEL_486/386.
Added detection of AMD Am5x86 CPUs running or sold as Am486 and adjusted to report as Am486 (Am5x86). Added [CPU Tweak] support for Cyrix 5x86 CPUs.
When needed unlock SR9 -> SR18 for S3 Trio32 and Trio64 GPUs. Update to support the latest GFAPI 1.12 enhancements.
Version 5.69 released on 14-Mar-2023
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25314 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added SMART support for USB attached NVMe disks that use ASMedia + JMicron + Realtek bridges.
Resolved issue with Font Selection on some Windows 95 systems.
Improved Windows NT3.51 support including Disk SMART reporting and work around InterlockedIncrement() bug.
Compensate for the Aqua Computer LeakShield 1019 firmware no longer reporting temperatures.
Fixed synthetic sensor import which was broken in the SIV V5.68 release.
Added ASUS K7M + Gigabyte H510M motherboard support.
Version 5.68 released on 14-Jan-2023
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25276 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for Intel N-Series (Alder Lake-N) processors.
Added HXi + RMi OCP Multi Rail reporting to [Link Power] and control for RMi PSUs.
Improved the NVidia GPU power + temperature reporting and updated to use NVAPI R525. Improved AMD Radeon RX 7900 support.
Compensate for Windows 95 + Windows NT V3.nn lacking CP_UTF8 support.
Updated to use the Glenfly Graphics GFAPI V1.10. Note: If GFAPI is not available SIV directly reads the GPU registers.
Version 5.67 released on 14-Nov-2022
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25236 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Enhanced power reporting for NVidia GPUs and added [GPU Power Status] to report all available GPU power information.
Enhanced Aqua Computer LeakShield + Aquaero support and shortened the default names.
Added Gigabyte Aorus Power Supply support. Updated to use NVAPI R520.
Added Alienware 6A61ITT4C + ASRock Z790 Taichi support.
Version 5.66 released on 14-Sep-2022
Added Windows 11 23H2 Build 25197 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Updated to report two fractional digits for temperatures and integrated GPU Core + Hotspot + Memory reporting.
Changed the default for SIV save files to be UTF-8 rather than ASCII and removed support for Unicode save files.
Updated Intel Ice Lake-X + Sapphire Rapids-X and added initial 700 series chipset support.
Added Aqua Computer High Flow Next + LeakShield and enhanced D5 Next + Farbwerk 360 + Octo + Quadro support.
Added ARM CPU cache topology reporting and hybrid CPU support.
Added ASUS Strix Z690-A Gaming motherboard support.
Version 5.65 released on 14-Jul-2022
Added Windows 11 22H2 Build 25151 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for Thermaltake DPS-G PSUs with an ID of 264A:232A rather than 264A:2329 which SIV V5.05 and later support.
Changed the description files (xxxdevs.txt) to be UTF8 rather than ASCII. Reworked the PCIDEVS and added MONDEVS + PNPDEVS + USBDEVS indexing to speed up lookups and fixed PCIDEVS to work (slowly) on systems with < 32 MB.
Added the [MON Info] + [PCI Info] + [PNP Info] + [USB Info] which report the used indexed entries.
Added Zhaoxin KX-U6000 (Lujiazui) CPU support. Improved Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP + Ice Lake-SP support. Resolved issue with some Intel Alder Lake-S systems that only have DIMMs on Channel B.
Updated SIV Driver (SIVX64.sys) to meet the HVCI requirement to use MmMapIoSpaceEx( PAGE_READWRITE ) rather than MmMapIoSpace().
Added Shanghai Zhaoxin HX002EH motherboard support.
Version 5.64 released on 14-May-2022
Added Windows 11 22H2 Build 25115 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added initial AMD Ryzen (Rembrandt) + (Raphael) + Intel Core (Raptor Lake-S) + Atom (Elkhart Lake) support.
Added AMD EXPO (EXtended Profiles for Overclocking) to the DIMM SPD reporting.
Added DP + HDMI information to [GPU Mapping] and improved support for R290 to pre R352 drivers.
Added Glenfly Arise-GT-10C0 + Arise-GT-1040 + Arise1020 + Arise1010 Graphics Controller support.
Added Nuvoton NCT6799D support. Added Zhaoxin KX-6000 (Lujiazui) CPU + ZX-E chipset support.
Added ASRock X399 Taichi + Shanghai Zhaoxin HX002EA motherboard support.
Version 5.63 released on 14-Mar-2022
Added Windows 11 22H2 Build 22572 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added ITE IT8622 SIO sensor support.
Added AOpen P5-DP + Compaq ProLiant 5000 + EVGA X570 FTW + HP 2B60 (HP 285 G2 MT) + Intel NUC8BEB motherboard support.
Version 5.62 released on 14-Dec-2021
Added Windows 11 22H1 Build 22518 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc.
Added Intel Tiger Lake-U + initial Sapphire Rapids-SP support.
Updated SIV Driver (SIVX64.sys) to meet HVCI Kernel Mode compatibility requirements.
Improved PCIe support on some NT 3.51 systems when the ACPI MCFG table is available.
Added ITE IT8661 SIO + BIOSTAR X470GTA motherboard support.
Version 5.61 released on 12-Nov-2021
Added Windows 11 22H1 Build 22499 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added Intel Alder Lake-S + Tiger Lake-H CPU, Z690 + HM570 chipset support and DDR5 JEDEC SPD + XMP reporting.
Added Aqua Computer Farbwerk 360 temperature reporting and Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Strip support.
Updated from MegaRAID 7.17 to 7.18, note there is a new STORELIB.dll.
Added ITE IT8689 + IT8695 and ASUS Maximus Z690 + Prime Z690 + Strix Z690 + Intel NUC7i5BNB motherboard support.
Version 5.60 released on 14-Jul-2021
Added Windows 11 21H2 Build 22000 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added reporting of the DirectX + WDDM versions and added Menu->Windows->DirectX->Summary + ->System + ->GPUs + ->Input + ->Sound + ->Logcical + ->...
Updated Wi-Fi SSIDs to add WPA3 + WPA3-SAE Authentication. Improved Intel Core i9 10885H (Comet Lake-S) support.
Added ITE IT8607E SIO support. Added Intel NUC6i3SYB motherboard support.
Version 5.59 released on 14-Jun-2021
Added Windows 10 22H1 Build 21390 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added LSI MegaRAID SATA SMART support and the [MegaRAID] panel (requires STORELIB.dll).
Resolved Intel oneAPI Level Zero issue on some Rocket Lake-S systems.
Improved Digital Alpha AXP 21066 (LCA4/45) reporting and 21264 (EV6) L2 cache size measurement.
Enhanced export for GPUs with multiple fans. Added SiS 968 Chipset SMBus support.
Changed [PCI BARs] to be width resizable, use log() scaling for proportions and highlight Memory, Prefetch and GPU areas.
Added ASUS P5SD2-VM + Strix X299-E Gaming II + DEC Multia + Intel NUC7JYB + NUC8i7HVB motherboard support
Version 5.58 released on 14-May-2021
Added Windows 10 22H1 Build 21382 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added Intel oneAPI Level Zero Iris Xe GPU support.
Added initial Intel Xeon (Ice Lake-SP) + C621A Chipset support.
Enhanced [VROC RAID] to include topology information.
Added HP 1858 (HP 650) support.
Version 5.57 released on 14-Apr-2021
Added Windows 10 22H1 Build 21359 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added AMD RV516/M64 [Mobility Radeon X1450] GPU support.
Added SiS 540 + 5571 + 5597/5598 chipset support. Added Corsair Lighting Node Core (CLNC) support.
Improved ASUS A7C + Crosshair VIII Dark Hero + L1N64-SLI WS + Compaq 0688h + Gigabyte G31M-S2L + Intel D5400XS (Skulltrail) + MSI MS-7D09 (Z590 Pro Wifi) + MSI MS-7D09 (Z590 Pro Wifi) + SOYO SY-D6IBA motherboard support.
Version 5.56 released on 14-Feb-2021
Added Windows 10 22H1 Build 21313 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added initial Intel Jasper Lake-M support.
Added support for LPDDR4 + LPDDR4X SPD reporting.
Added VIA VT8501 Apollo MVP4 chipset support.
Added ASUS WS-C621E-Sage + P5A + Gigabyte GA-6VX7-4X + Supermicro H12SSL motherboard support.
Version 5.55 released on 14-Jan-2021
Added Windows 10 21H1 Build 20279 + 22H1 Build 21292 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added [GPU VBIOS Status] which allows to VBIOS to be saved to a file and reports the NVidia GPU Status.
Enhanced the PCIe speed reported on the initial screen to change colour as the PCIe speed changes.
Enhanced [Wi-Fi] to report the current RX + TX speeds in Mbps.
Added support for the AMD A8-6000 (Beema) series APUs and HP 22CD (HP 15 Notebook) fan speed reporting.
Added ASUS TUSL2 + Cyrix GXm-Cx5520 + HP NetServer E 800 motherboard support.
Version 5.54 released on 14-Dec-2020
Added Windows 10 22H1 Build 21277 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added reporting of the EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Black + XC3 + XC3 Ultra third fan.
Added initial Intel Z690 chipset + Core 12000 (Alder Lake-S) support.
Compensated for NVidia breaking nvmlInit_v2() in the V460.79 (r460_74) driver (Bug # 3202246).
Added support for the Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) IMC SMBus and SMSC SLC90E66 Southbridge.
Version 5.53 released on 14-Nov-2020
Added Intel Z590 chipset + Core 11000 (Rocket Lake-S) and AMD Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) support.
Added Windows 10 21H1 Build 20257 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added AMD RX 6000 + S3 Savage3D (86C390+86C391) GPU support. Added SMBIOS V3.4.0 reporting.
Version 5.52 released on 14-Oct-2020
Added NVidia RTX 3090 + 3080 + 3070 GPU support, adjusted SIV to compensate for the NVidia driver misreporting the AI Tensor Core count.
Added Windows 10 21H1 Build 20236 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for voltages reported via the MSI Mystic Light controller.
Added CentaurHauls CHA memory controller speed + timing information and Dual Socket system support.
Adjusted AMD Athlon M1 (Argon) + M2 (Pluto) + M2 (Orion) K7 MSR reporting.
Added AMD 756 SMBus + VIA KT880 chipset support.
Added Abit KW7 + ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore + TUF Gaming X570-Plus + BIOSTAR B350GT5 + Centaur CHA006 + DFI LP UT X58 + EVGA 134-KS-E377 + Gigabyte 7IXE + MSI MS-7A40 (B450I Gaming Plus AC) + MS-7576 (880G-E45) + MS-7B12 (MEG Z390 Ace) motherboard support.
Version 5.51 released on 14-Aug-2020
Added Windows 10 21H1 Build 20190 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Enhanced the SIV64s such that [Prime Numbers], can process up to at least 10^10 on most Windows 64-bit systems and more if you have enough memory. I have validated 10^12, but needed 44GB of available memory and took about 6 elapsed days, 204 days of CPU time! Added the ability to start processing from the end of the currently loaded data. The data can be from either a save file or freshly calculated. Disable Close when calculating prime numbers, improved aborted shutdown, added number of pairs confirmation data for all gaps up to 100 and the First Prime Numbers for gaps up to 1550. Added [Prev], [Check] and [Next] to check if a number is prime. Added Right/Click menus to all the Up/Down controls. Enhanced [Prime Number Pairs] and [Load] to use multiple threads when there are many Prime Numbers to process.
Added ASRock B550M-ITX + ASUS Maximus XII Extreme + TXP4 + Gigabyte TRX40 Xtreme + HP Z820 (158B) motherboard support.
Version 5.50 released on 14-Jul-2020
Added Windows 10 21H1 Build 20161 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Improved Intel i3 1005G1 (Ice Lake-U) + VIA C7 CPU support and added VIA VN700 chipset support.
Added AMD R480 [Radeon X850 XT Platinum] GPU clock reporting support.
Added [Prime Numbers], a multi-threaded Prime Number calculating benchmark for numbers up to 4294967295 (2^32-1).
Added ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega + Gigabyte B550 Gaming X motherboard support.
Version 5.49 released on 14-Jun-2020
Added Windows 10 20H2 Build 19645 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Add reporting of NVidia RTCs (Ray Tracing Cores) + ATCs (AI Tensor Cores) for V445 (V451 recomended) and later drivers.
Added AMD Radeon X1050 + X1650 + X1950 + Intel i740 + i752 + SiS 550 GUI Accelerator GPU Support.
Allow up to 204 LEDs when the CLCP V0.9.212 or CLNP V0.10.04 firmware is available and add the 34 LED QL fan.
Added H150i RGB Pro XT AIO + Nuvoton NCT6686D + NCT6687D SIO and improved Analog ADM9240 support.
Added ECS nForce4-A754 + EVGA 121-KS-E375 + 132-CK-NF79 + Z390 FTW + Intel MP440BX + MSI MS-7C73 (MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon Wifi) + MS-7C79 (MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi) motherboard support.
Version 5.48 released on 14-May-2020
Added Intel 10000 series (Comet Lake-S) CPU and Z490 chipset support.
Added Windows 10 20H2 Build 19628 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Resolved issue with the memory speed reporting on some overclocked P45 systems with a 400MHz FSB.
Resolved issue with H110i + H110iGT pump control when the coolant temperature is not used as the control temperature.
Added ASUS CUBX-E + P3C-E + Maximus XII + Gigabyte EP45-UD3P + Shuttle FB65 motherboard support.
Version 5.47 released on 14-Apr-2020
Added Windows 10 20H2 Build 19603 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added ATA SMART reporting for Windows 9x systems. Changed [ SPD ] to always be [ SPD Summary ].
Compensate for Intel Virtual RAID on CPU V6.2.0.1238 failing to setup the service name for CC_CSMI_SAS_GET_DRIVER_INFO.
Enhanced XGI Volari V8 Duo Ultra + Pro Ultra support. Resolved some issues when using very old versions on NVAPI such as 175.19.
Improved National Semiconductor LM78 + LM79 + LM80 sensor reporting.
Added ASRock TRX40 Taichi + ASUS KN97-X + Dell 15 7590 + Gigabyte B450 Elite + B450 I Pro motherboard support.
Version 5.46 released on 14-Feb-2020
Resolved issue with [ISA Bus] on some none EISA systems.
Version 5.45 released on 14-Feb-2020
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 19041 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Updated to use new COMODO RSA Extended Validation Code Signing CA certificate.
Added Intel Ice Lake-U support. Adjusted the S3 Trio3D/2X Core Clock speed reporting.
Added [ISA Bus] which lists PnP ISA Devices and on EISA systems any Slots that are used.
Added XGI Volari + SiS 325 GPU clock speed reporting and improved DM&P Vortex 86 DX + MX CPU support.
Added GeForce 6000 series direct clock + fan PWM % and NVCPL temperature reporting for ForceWare drivers.
Added Aqua Computer Octo + Quadro controller and Corsair H100i + H115i RGB Pro XT cooler reporting support.
Resolved issue with NVMe support for the IaNVMe and insider build stornvme services.
Resolved issue with Menu->Help->View Menus on systems that have such as nView Options added to the SIV menus.
Enhance [Lock Handle] to support there being more than 10,000,000 open handles.
Improved VIA VT82C691 chipset and ASUS Prime X570-Pro + Micronics EISA 486/33/25 System Board + Supermicro H11SSL motherboard support.
Version 5.44 released on 14-Dec-2019
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 19041 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Improved AMD Threadripper 3000 support.
If a SIV download fails suggest downloading SIV from one of the mirror sites.
Added support for Renesas ISL69128 + ISL69138 PWMs.
Added HP Pavilion 84ED motherboard support.
Version 5.43 released on 14-Nov-2019
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 19023 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added GPU clock reporting for S3 Trio + ViRGE + Trio3D/2X + Savage4 + Twister + Margi Display-to-Go 4MB.
Resolved issue with 3dfx Voodoo 3 clock reporting when it's not the primary VGA adapter.
Resolved issue with USB (UASPStor service) disk drives on recent Windows 10 20H1 builds.
Improved HP OmniBook model reporting and resolved issue with Intel 430VX chipset support.
Added ASUS P3B-F + PCI/I-P54NP4 + EVGA 132-CK-NF78 + MSI MS-7B92 (MEG X399 Creation) motherboard support.
Version 5.42 released on 14-Oct-2019
Added Windows 10 19H2 Build 18363 + 20H1 Build 18999 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Improved [GPU Info] for GPUs which SIV reports directly rather the via NVAPI/ATIADL and added NV3 support.
Improved the reporting of VSA 100s on 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 and 6000 GPUs and AMD Rage 128 + Radeon 7000 + 9000 reporting.
Added reporting of up to 3 fans on several EVGA NVidia RTX 2080 Ti and GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 + SC2 Gaming GPUs.
Added Intel Core m (Amber Lake-Y) + Core i (Comet Lake-U) support. Added SMART support for eMMC Disk Drives.
For Windows 9X/Me changed to use INT 0x1A + 0xB1 to access PCI config space and improved Intel 430LX + 430NX chipset support.
Adjusted the NVMe support to allow for differences in NVME_ADMIN_COMMAND_GET_LOG_PAGE + NVME_NAMESPACE_ALL implementations.
Added ASUS CUSL2-C + Intel D815EEA2 motherboard support
Version 5.41 released on 14-Sep-2019
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 18980 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Updated [CPU SMU Data] for Matisse + Starship CPUs. Resolved issue when -MON is specified.
Added Intel i386 + initial Core i (Comet Lake) + NexGen Nx586 CPU support.
Added support for some EVGA GPUs to report more than two fans and improved [ GPU I2C ] for recent NVidia GPUs.
Added 3dfx Voodoo (Banshee) + Voodoo 3 (Avenger) + Voodoo 5 (Napalm) + Matrox Millennium (Storm) + Millennium II (Mistral) GPU clock reporting.
Added Intel 430NX + initial Z490 and improved 430HX + 430VX + 450GX + VIA CX700 chipset support. Fixed CPU Fan Speed export issue.
Resolved issue with the ACPI SRAT table being poorly formed by recent releases of some BIOSes.
Added ASUS Crosshair VIII Formula + MINIPC PB50 + Strix X470-F + BIOSTAR A780X-A2 + DEC EB164 + IBM Server 704 motherboard support.
Adjusted how GetFirmwareEnvironmentVariable() is used to circumvent bugs in the Windows 2000 Extended Kernel.
Version 5.40 released on 14-Jul-2019
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 18936 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added AMD RX5700 + RX5700X (Navi 10) support and Matrox Mystique (Hurricane) + (Chinook) GPU clock reporting.
Added Rise mP6 (Kirin) + (Lynx) + AMD Am486 processor support.
Adjusted the ASUS C7H ASUS WMI support for BIOS release 2406 which fixes a BIOS bug for Matisse CPUs.
Added ASUS Strix X570-F Gaming motherboard support.
Version 5.39 released on 14-Jun-2019
Added Windows 10 20H1 Build 18917 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added AMD EPYC (Rome) + Cyrix Cx486 + Cx486DX2 + MII + Intel i486 + UMC U5S-486 + Zhaoxin KaiXian (ZhangJiang) + (WuDaoKou) + (LuJiaZui) processor + ZX Chipset support.
Extended [CPU Speed Ratios] to allow the per ratio per core average Temperature or Voltage to be displayed.
Refined the [Cache-n Latency] sizing algorithm and added support for up to 64GB caches in SIV64, SIV32 only supports up to 256MB.
Added support for GTX 1650. Implemented [PCI Bus] support for Windows 9x systems.
Enhance [BOINC Status] to be width resizable, clear inactive plots and improve affinity debug.
Allow for Intel Virtual RAID on CPU 6.0 using a different location to 5.5.
Added full Corsair Obsidian 500D + 1000D Controller support.
Added [UTF-16 Characters] so that the entire UTF-16 character set can be displayed by the Unicode SIV32X + SIV64X + SIV64I.
Added Intel VS440FX + MSI MS-5169 + Supermicro C9Z390 motherboard and improved 450GX + 450KX chipset support.
Version 5.38 released on 14-Apr-2019
Added Windows 10 19H1 Build 18362 + 20H1 Build 18875 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake-AP/SP/D/W/X) + AMD Ryzen (Matisse) + (Renoir) support. Fixed AMD Summit Ridge codename.
Circumvent the Samsung NVMe driver bug when reading the Namespace information.
Enhanced Reset Positions to also reset each LCD Panel size. Added VCore (Max) to [Status] and also as a CPU-0 Configuration on LCD panels.
Renamed PSU to SIO and moved PSU from I/O to a new item. Added reporting of CLTT/TSOD reported DIMM temperatures.
Updated Overall in Tooltips to report the Maximum of the Current values rather than their Average.
Improved NVidia GTX 1660 support. Fixed L3 Unified Cache reporting when there is no CPU with an APIC of 0.0.0.
Reworked all Menu->File->Download-><item> to directly download from the mirror rather than using ReWrite rules in .htaccess.
Enhanced [CSMI RAID] to report ATAPI Device names and fixed [Drives] to report all the disk controller drives.
Added ControlledBy to [Link Devices] which can be used to select which devices SIV will report and/or control.
Correct to report VCCIN for X299 motherboards. Added ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega + Prime X299-Deluxe II motherboard support.
Version 5.37 released on 14-Mar-2019
Added Windows 19H1 Build 18356 + 20H1 Build 18855 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added reporting of Intel VROC JBOD + RAID NVMe SMART information and VROC key type.
Added Reset Positions, with Hotkey support, which resets all the SIV windows to their saved positions and Save Positions.
Added initial AMD Ryzen (Matisse) support and improved AMD FX-8800P reporting. Added NVidia GTX 1660 Ti support.
Addressed intermittent issues Intel 99nnX (Skylake-X) + 9900K (Coffee Lake-S) BCLK speed reporting.
Added Core Voltage + Temperature as a LCD panel type for CPUs + GPUs.
Added Aqua Computer D5 Next pump + Corsair H115i/H100i RGB Platinum AIO reporting, but not control.
Added ASUS Dominus Extreme + BIOSTAR A10N-8800E + Gigabyte X299 Gaming + Z390 Ultra motherboard support.
Version 5.36 released on 14-Jan-2019
Added Windows Build 18312 19H1 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Rationalise AXi PSU +12 and -12 names. Added ASUS Sabertooth X79 EC voltages.
Resolved issue with DDPC reporting on [Chipset MCH] for some Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.
Added ASRock X399 Professional Gaming + Gigabyte Z390 Master support.
Version 5.35 released on 14-Nov-2018
Added Windows Build 18277 19H1 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added NVidia GPU Chipset ID + Code Name reporting to [GPU Info] and [LCD Panels]. Use the Chipset ID to detect and report FAKE GPUs.
Added Physical Memory + Paging File + File Cache as CPU-0 configurations and SIV thread delay loads to [LCD Panels].
To allow for formulas display the scaled rather than raw fan speeds on the SIV initial screen.
Added AMD B450 chipset detection, improved ASUS EC (Embedded Controller) sensor reporting and resolved issue with CAFP (Corsair AirFlow Pro) temperature reporting.
Added ASRock X299 OC Formula + Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac + ASUS WS X299 Sage + MSI MS-7B17 (MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC) motherboard support.
Version 5.34 released on 14-Oct-2018
Added Windows 10 Build 17763 RS5 + Build 18252 19H1 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added support for RTX 2080 + RTX 2080 Ti GPUs which report multiple fans.
Added AMD Athlon (Raven Ridge) + Intel Core i9 (Coffee Lake-S) + Core i5 (Coffee Lake-U) support.
Added Thermaltake DPS G RGB 1250W LED control support.
Added Menu->Edit->Power Setup->Turn Screens Off support including [Hotkeys].
Added initial support for ASRock Ultra Quad M.2 card fan reporting and control.
When reporting via ASUS WMI use EC in preference to SIO voltages.
Added ASRock A320M-HDV + Z390 Taichi + ASUS Strix Z390-F + EVGA 151-BE-E097 motherboard support.
Version 5.33 released on 14-Sep-2018
Added Windows 10 RS5 Build 17758 + 19H1 Build 18237 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Added control + dump support for Corsair H150iPro + H115iPro + H100iPro + H80iPro AIO coolers.
Added [Formula Setup] to specify Formulas (60/1000) and Units ( L/h) to allow for flow sensors being connected to fan headers. Use a formula of 2/1 to correct the H115i + H100iV2 + H80iV2 header pump speed.
Improved AMD Threadripper 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) support.
Added ASUS Prime X399-A + Strix B450-F Gaming + Strix X470-I Gaming motherboard support.
Version 5.32 released on 14-Aug-2018
Added AMD Threadripper 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) + Intel Atom (Denverton) support.
Added Windows 10 RS5 Build 17735 + 19H1 Build 18214 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
Updated to if available use ASUS WMI to report the motherboard sensors rather than directly reading the SIO + EC and added [ASUS WMI] (Menu->System->ACPI + PnP->ASUS WMI) which shows the detailed ASUS WMI sensor data. Updated [ACPI WMI] (Menu->System->ACPI + PnP->ACPI WMI) to show the raw ASUS WMI data.
Fixed the updating of GPU fan colours when the speed changes. Added ITE IT8688 support.
Added initial ASRock Z390 + ASUS Z390 + Gigabyte Z390 motherboard support.
Version 5.31 released on 14-Jun-2018
Added Windows 10 RS5 Build 17686 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc..
When available report the current Intel + AMD CPU microcode release date and add [Microcode] + Menu->File->Save->Save BIOS ROM.
Update AMD GPU reporting to compensate for when the AMD ATIADL API returns incorrect % GPU loads.
Resolved issue with the Intel 3.2 + 4.0 Client NVMe drivers and SMART_RCV_DRIVE_DATA.
Added RocketRAID NVMe support and updated HPTDEV .DLLs to V3.00.19.0
Added Dell Vostro 400 + Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming Wi-Fi + H270M-D3H + improved ASUS Sabertooth X99 motherboard support.
Version 5.30 released on 14-May-2018
Added support for the Intel B360 + H310 + H370 + other 300 series Chipsets and SMBuses. Improved Intel Skylake-X BCLK speed + Core i3-8000 memory timing + AMD EPYC support.
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17134 + RS5 Build 17666 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI Eval], etc.. Restored the disk drive ordering so that NVMe drives are before SATA/PATA drives. Improved codename detection for NVidia Quadro and Tesla Volta + Pascal + Maxwell GPUs.
Report Intel Skylake-X + Broadwell-E + AMD Pinnacle Ridge Favoured Cores. Improved [Cache Latency] level deduction, support System File Cache >= 4TB and make [Machine] width resizable.
Updated Intel E8500 to report tRFC and added on-the-fly memory timing update for E8500 + 800 + 440 series chipsets. Compensate for MSR C0010293 being absent on AMD Ryzen systems when Code Integrity is enabled.
Added ASUS Prime A320M + Gigabyte B360 Gaming 3 + H310M + X99-UD3 + MSI MS-7B78 (X470 Gaming Pro Carbon) + NZXT N7 Z370 + Packard Bell S2185 + Supermicro H11SSL + X11SRA motherboard support.
Version 5.29 released on 14-Apr-2018
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17133 + RS5 Build 17643 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], etc..
Added reporting of NVMe CSMI RAID + Intel Optane disk drives. Improved ThermalTake SPG-0600D PSU reporting.
Added [NTP Time] (Menu->TCP/IP->NTP Time) and [CPU Timers] (Menu->Hardware->CPU Detail->CPU Timers) to check for time dilation.
Added ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac + Gigabyte X299 Gaming 9 EC Temps + MSI MS-7A32 (X370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC) support.
Updated [PCI Bus] for systems with more than 512 PCI devices and improved support for quad socket Skylake-S systems.
Resolved Event + Mutex + Semaphore creation and EFI detection on Windows 9X/Me systems.
Version 5.28 released on 14-Mar-2018
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17115 + RS5 Build 17618 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], etc..
Added memory timing colour highlighting and on-the-fly updating for Intel SNB + IVB + HSW + BDW + SKL + KBL + CFL CPUs.
Added [MemTweak] (Menu->Edit->MemTweak) to set the defaults for highlighting and when possible change the current memory timings.
When available show Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) rather than Row Cycle Time (tRC) on the initial screen.
Added reporting of AMD AGESA information. Moved Save to a sub-menu and added Save EFI.
Added -TSC-RATIO=<nn> qualifier to compensate for the TSC clock running at the incorrect speed on overclocked AMD Ryzen CPUs with some AGESA releases. If SIV reports the FSB speed as less that then 100MHz then use this qualifier to compensate for the AGESA bug. The value to use for <nn> is the reported CPU speed in MHz / 100 with typical values being 30 (Ryzen 7 1700) and 32 (Ryzen 5 1600). Once the AGESA has been fixed the reported FSB speed will be > 100 MHz and you will need to remove this qualifier.
Added [CPU SMU Data] (Menu->Hardware->CPU Details->CPU SMU Data) to report AMD Ryzen processor SMU data.
Improved reporting of Core i7 Dual 7500U (Kaby Lake-U) and added initial Xeon Phi (Knights Mill) support.
Changed the initial SIV screen to show the CPU TDPs. Changed [Status] + [Cooling] to report NC for offline AIO temperature sensors.
Allow 8 LED strips for the CLCP V0.7.199 firmware. Improved the reporting of AX1600i + AX1300i + AX1000i + AX850i PSUs.
Added ASUS Strix X399-E Gaming + Gigabyte X399 Gaming 7 support.
Version 5.27 released on 14-Feb-2018
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17093 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added reporting of Aqua Computer Aquaero + Aquastream XT + Ultimate pumps + Aqua MPS + Aquapower devices.
Improved reporting of Intel Core i5 (Coffee Lake-S), AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (Raven Ridge) and Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge).
Added Menu->Tools->Configuration->Sequence Setup to allow [Status] to be configured.
Added highlighting of GPU memory speeds. Updated [Wi-Fi] to support 802.11ac.
Adjusted ASUS Maximus X EC reporting and added Rampage VI CPU Cache voltage (from 12/08/2017 BIOS).
Improved ASUS Crosshair and added ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ + BIOSTAR X370GT3 + B250GT3 + ITE IT8613 support.
Added reporting of H150iPro + H115iPro + H100iPro + H80iPro AIO coolers.
Work around Aquasuite created locks that all of AIDA64 + CPUZ + HWiNFO + SIV failed to open. The root cause is Aquasuite 2017 setting inappropriate protection on the Global\Access_ISABUS.HTP.Method lock and with luck will be addressed by Aquasuite 2018. Looking at [Lock Handle] you can see SIV 5.27 works around this AquaComputerService issue as it has a handle to the Global\Access_ISABUS.HTP.Method lock. Refined the protection when SIV creates locks such as Global\Access_ISABUS.HTP.Method. If you check with Process Explorer the protection should be Everyone and if it's not whichever program created the lock should be refined.
Version 5.26 released on 14-Dec-2017
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17046 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added highlighting support for GPU Clock Speeds + Power, CPU + GPU Core Voltages, etc.. See the [Highlight Setup] and [Colour Setup] panels.
Added a few more colour blobs which can be user defined via the [Colour Names] (Menu->Help->Colour Names) panel, Export/Import RGB Colour Names and RGB Colour Setups which implicitly enables Hot Key switching.
Enhanced [View Menus] to be width resizable, use the Left/Clickable Text colour for the headings which have popup sub-menus.
Added plots + the power source to [CPU Speed Ratios] and make the panel width resizable by dragging the edge. With just SIV active systems typically run at the minimum speed over 99% of the time (CPU-0 to CPU-10), but other utilities usually cause higher speeds to be used (CPU-12 to CPU-22). Ideally any monitoring utility should not cause CPUs to keep speeding up.
Updated [CPU Usage] + [CPU Stress] to be width resizable, run the Whetstone benchmark and improved the plots.
Added support to force the V0.4.173 CLCP fan type from [Link Fans] by Left/Clicking on the fan type blob.
Added Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 motherboard support.
Version 5.25 released on 14-Nov-2017
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17035 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Use different colours for Lowest + Normal + Turbo CPU speeds + power levels and Cool + Warm + Hot for Disk Drive + DIMM + CPU/GPU Core temperatures. The default colours and trigger points can be changed using [Highlight Setup] (Menu->Tools->Configure->Highlight Setup). Added a few more colour blob colours and Red + Yellow + Green + Blue + White sub-menus for colour selection.
Improved Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) + Coffee Lake GPU reporting.
Improved shell restart and autorun processing especially so on Windows 10 RS3 and later. Update the timezone when it changes.
Version 5.24 released on 14-Oct-2017
Windows 10 RS4 Build 17017 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Enhanced [Power Scheme] to report names rather than numbers. Added [System Timers] panel.
Added retry for failed SMART reads and updated [Disk Status] to report the Retry Count.
Added the -priority=<class> command qualifier with typical classes being normal, above and high. Allow for Windows Task Scheduler running tasks at Below Normal rather than Normal base priority by default.
Added ASUS Crosshair VI Hero + Maximus X + Rampage VI Extreme + Strix Z370-E Gaming + Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard support.
Added support for the CLCP V0.3.153 + CLNP V0.5.104 firmware. Note both the CLCP + CLNP now support up to 96 LEDs.
Version 5.23 released on 14-Sep-2017
Windows 10 RS4 Build 16362 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Enhanced the Corsair AXi PSU support for sleep + hibernate to work around the Corsair driver Windows PNP power callback issues and improved reporting of AXi PSUs with the V0.0.01 firmware OCP information.
Added the default -20°C offset for AMD Ryzen 1600X.
Improved CPU speed reporting especially so on lightly loaded Kaby Lake systems.
Allow for the CLNP 0.4.94 firmware supporting 96 LEDs, but only 0% + 33% + 66% + 100% brightness working as expected.
Added ASUS Rampage VI Apex + MSI MS-7B09 motherboard support.
Version 5.22 released on 14-Aug-2017
Added AMD Ryzen Threadripper (Naples) support including the 27°C Tctl offset.
Added support for USB connected Corsair AXi series PSUs and reporting of 5VSB.
Added support for Corsair RGB LED DIMM LED control when -AIOLED is specified.
Windows 10 RS3 Build 16257 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added ASUS Prime B250M + TUF X299 Mark 1 + Z97-K + Zenith Extreme + Gigabyte X99P-SLI + X299 Gaming 7 + X299 UD4 + MSI MS-7A90 + MS-7A95 motherboard support.
Version 5.21 released on 14-Jul-2017
Windows 10 RS3 Build 16241 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Revised [Link LEDs] to use one line for each LED item and add colour clone + copy support.
Enhance [Link Status] to report the current fan type detected and CLCP temperature detection state.
Added [Link Setup] popup menu, more CLC Port LED Types and use "LED Items" rather than "LED Strips" + "LED HD Fans".
Migrate "Cooler" to "CLCN" (Corsair Link Cooling Node) and "Lights" to "CLLN" (Corsair Link Lighting Node).
Improved Intel Core i9 7800X/7900X (Skylake-E) support including IMC SMBus controller.
Added ASUS Prime X299-A + Gigabyte X299 Gaming 9 + Z270X-Gaming 8 motherboard support.
Version 5.20 released on 14-Jun-2017
Corsair Link Commander Pro (CLCP) reporting + Fan Speed and LED control support. Change LNP-1 + LNP-2 to CLNP + CLNS.
Update [Link Fans] to use Jade blobs for 3-pin voltage + Green blobs for 4-pin PWM fans and to reflect hot plug changes.
Corsair CLNP 0.3.72 firmware, added Rainbow Cycle + Rainbow Wave + Visor + Marquee + Strobing + Sequential mode support.
Added [CPU Burnin] to stress the CPUs for a specified time and plot the CPU/GPU loads + temperatures.
Windows 10 RS3 Build 16215 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added AMD PRO A12 (Carrizo) + Ryzen 9 (Threadripper) + Intel Core i7 (Kaby Lake-X) + (Coffee Lake) + Core i9 + Xeon (Skylake-E) support.
Added Corsair CoolIT H0x50iGT support. Added Nuvoton NCT6796D support.
Added ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe + Rampage VI + EVGA 131-HE-E095 motherboard support.
Version 5.19 released on 14-May-2017
Windows 10 RS3 Build 16193 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Changed [Link Fans] for CoolIT V2 devices (CLCC+H110i+H110iGT+H100i+H80i) such that in Custom mode if the temperature is < Point 1 the PWM value is used to set the fan speed. Note you should set PWM mode, find the optimal PWM value to use and then switch back to Custom mode. Updated clone to also copy the Control Mode and PWM value.
Enhanced [Lock Status] + [Lock Handle] to report who has acquired the locks on Vista and later.
Enhanced [Processes] to update and to be able to report the handles and locks a process has open.
Added GPU Fan Speeds to [Cooling Status].
Added ASRock Z77 Extreme4 + ASUS Prime Z270M-Plus + Gigabyte H110 + H170 motherboard support.
Version 5.18 released on 10-Apr-2017
Windows 10 Creators Update V10.00 RS2 Build 15063 + RS3 Build 16170 support. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
AMD Ryzen 5 support. Added AMD Ryzen VDD CPU + VDD SOC Voltage + Current + Power and initial SP3/SP4 support.
Renamed [SMBus Locks] to [Lock Usage], enhanced it to report the number of other utilities that are using the lock and added [Lock Handle] which lists which programs are using the locks.
Added GPU Power Reporting for AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics cards. Allow for systems with 32 NUMA nodes. Resolved HTTP Error 400 - Bad Request issue that was triggered by a webserver change.
Addressed race issue on some systems when [Sensor Debug] is closed and added unexpected timeout logging.
Added ASRock X370 Taichi + ASUS Crosshair VI Hero + EVGA X58 SLI Classified + X58 Classified + Gigabyte AB350-Gaming + Z97X-Gaming 7 + MSI MS-7A34 motherboard support. Improved ITE IT8665E fan speed reporting.
Version 5.17 released on 14-Mar-2017
Improved AMD Ryzen 7 support including CPU + Memory speed + actual per core power and SMBus access. Reworked PCI locking for SMN access.
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 15055. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added Corsair LNP (Lighting Node Pro) support and extended [Link Setup] to configure the LNP ports.
Added Asetek H115i + H110iGTX + H100iGTX + H100iV2 + H80iGT + H80iV2 + Kraken X41 LED support for -AIOCTL mode and -NOAIOALE to disable this.
Added a work around to for custom curve pump control that is needed because of H110i 2.0.00 + H110iGT 1.1.08 firmware issues.
Expunged the CorsairLinkReadWriteGuard semaphore as from CL the CorsairLinkReadWriteGuardMutex named mutex is used.
If SIV is unable to acquire a mutex in <= 20 seconds record the timeout in the SIV_DBGOUT.log file.
Revised the default fan names for ASUS Z10PE + Z9PE motherboards. Added ITE IT8655E LPC controller support.
Added ASUS Prime B350-Plus + Prime B350M-A + Prime X370-Pro + Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 + Z170X-Designare + MSI MS-7A31 + MS-7A58 motherboard support.
Version 5.16 released on 14-Feb-2017
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 15031. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added -AIOLED which enables the LEDs on Corsair Vengeance LED DIMMs to be controlled. Only RED is used and GREEN + BLUE are ignored. Show DIMM LEDs on [DIMM Status].
Added -EXIT=10 to specify SIV should exit after about 10 seconds. Added NZXT Kraken X52 reporting support.
Improved X99/X79 system IMC SMBus reading when TSOD/CLTT is enabled and added [SMBus Info] panel.
Enhance exported processor frequency granularity to 0.01 MHz and add System Clock (BCLK/FSB) + per CPU multipliers.
Resolved issue with double reporting some disk drives on some systems with >= 2 CSMI RAID controllers.
Resolved issue with [USB Bus] reporting the speed as High rather than Super/Plus on some systems.
Added ASUS Maximus IX + Prime Z270-P + Sabertooth 990FX/Gen3 R2.0 + Strix Z270E + Gigabyte Z270-HD3P + MSI MS-7A58 + MS-7A78 motherboard and Nuvoton NCT6795D sensor support.
Version 5.15 released on 21-Jan-2017
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 15014. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Enhanced [Synthetic Setup] to allow temperatures to be relative to an ambient temperature.
Added ITE IT8665 sensor support. Sanity check AMD GPU voltages and suppress any that are out of range.
Added ASUS A320M-C + B85M-G + Rampage IV Gene + X99-Deluxe II + Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 7 + MSI MS-7995 motherboard support.
Version 5.14 released on 14-Nov-2016
Enhanced SIV to use KHz granularity for CPU and GPU clock speeds (previously MHz).
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 14965. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Resolved issue with Intel Skylake GPU memory and core speed reporting.
Allow for DIMMs that fail to report all the supported CAS latencies in the SPD XMP profile.
Added ITE IT8686 sensor support. Resolved [acpi-eval] issues on HP rx2620 systems.
Added ASRock H81M-DGS + ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 + Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI + Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT + Z270X-Gaming SOC + MSI MS-7A16 motherboard support.
Version 5.13 released on 24-Sep-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 14931. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added NZXT GRID+ V2 support, to enable a GRID+ check [_]AIO-GRID-A-Enable on [Link Devices] then restart SIV.
Extended [Link Setup] to allow the cooler associated with each CPU package to be specified.
Resolved issue with SIV reporting of Corsair HXi + RMi PSUs after the system is resumed from sleep/hibernate.
Added ASUS Strix X99 + Fujitsu D2464 + Gigabyte Z97X-UD5 + Intel DZ77GA + MSI MS-7919 motherboard support.
Version 5.12 released on 14-Aug-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 14901. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Improved NVMe Disk SMART reporting on Windows 10 systems and added Intel NVMe (IaNVMe service) support.
Added ASUS Gryphon Z87 + Gryphon Z97 + MSI MS-7885 motherboard support. Improved ASUS Z97 support.
Added VIA Eden X4 + QuadCore (Isaiah II, CNR) support.
Resolved issue with the SIV Tray Icon sometimes being missing when auto-run is used and after a shell restart.
Added Topmost support to LCD panels.
Added a hold-off delay before CoolIT (CL Mini, H110i, etc.) controlled fans will slow down and [Link Setup] to set this delay.
Allow for CL using Global\CorsairLinkReadWriteGuardMutex rather than Global\Access_CorsairLink.
Corrected reporting of CreateFile() failures and improved reading of H115i + H100iV2 + H80iV2 cooler information.
Added initial AMD Zen support and corrected AMD Bulldozer to report as cores (modules) that have two logical processors (integer cores).
Version 5.11 released on 14-Jul-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS1 V10.00 Build 14388. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added initial Intel Kaby Lake + Union Point + HM170 and AMD Bristol Ridge support.
Improved CPU speed accuracy for all 100% loaded systems and also Skylake BCLK speed reporting.
Added ASRock 970 Performance + ASUS Sabertooth Z77 + Sabertooth Z170 + Gigabyte X99-Designare EX + MSI 970 Gaming (MS-7693) support
Added SATA SMART support for RocketRAID 26xx + 36xx attached disk drives (requires HPTDEV.dll).
Resolved issue with nVidia GPU memory reporting on systems with out of date nVidia GPU drivers.
Resolved fans taking longer than specified to slow down for Asetek cooler and PSU custom curves.
Version 5.10 released on 14-Jun-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS1 V10.00 Build 14361. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added nVidia GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 (Pascal) support.
Added AIO + LCD Profile Export and Import support. When -AIOCTL is active doing an Import will automatically update the hardware.
Revised [STC Info] to show the worker thread Delay and % Load.
Added LCD Panel -WIZARD support and added more LCD display items such as the up-time.
Updated [Link Fans] to make subsequent Custom Points track changes. Resolved [Link Export] cooler check box initialisation.
Added detection of Haswell-E + Broadwell-E 100MHz rather than 133MHz memory clock. On Haswell-E the L3 Cache speed is the System Agent speed.
Added System Power Usage for recent ASUS motherboards. Resolved ASUS Rampage V Extreme CSM disabled X99 SMBus issue.
Added ASRock 970 Extreme4 + X99E + ASUS Sabertooth X58 + Z87 + Z170I + CLEVO P150EM + P170EM + ECS A890GXM + Lenovo 4318 and improved ASUS X99-Deluxe + Fujitsu MX130 + MSI MS-7881 support. Optimised SMSC SCH5627 access.
Resolved issue with Tray Icon menus when they are used from other than the initial screen that has existed since SIV 4.50. Allow for changes to the [My IP Address] server.
Version 5.09 released on 14-Apr-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS1 V10.00 Build 14316. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added AIO LEDs, rather more CPU + GPU information and Cut + Copy + Paste to LCD Panels. Allow selection of Themed or Standard LCDs.
Added ACPI Thermal Zone support to LCD Panels and Synthetics. Allow motherboard fan and some temperature names to be changed.
Added support for the ASUS Z10PE-D16 + Gigabyte Z87X-UD3 + X99-UD4 motherboards. Added SMSC SCH5627 + SCH5636 support.
Improved AMD Opteron (Interlagos) and (Zurich) support.
Added Antec Kuhler 1250 support. To enable this use [Link Devices] to set AIO-Kuhler-Enable in the Device Parameters.
Version 5.08 released on 14-Mar-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS1 V10.00 Build 14279. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added [Logitech LCD Setup] (Menu->Tools->Configure->Logitech LCD Setup) to support Logitech G19 + G510 + G13 + G15 LCD keyboard and Emulated LCD displays. Initially SIV will not create an Emulated LCD Panel and you need to check the check box to create one. Having done this an eight line panel will be created which you can customise to have more lines, wider names or use a different font. You can also create additional Emulated LCD Panels, insert/remove lines, select sensors, change colours and set levels. The -NOLCD qualifier is available to disable this facility and -LCDS=<n> can also be used to create <n> Emulated LCDs from the command line.
Added enhanced NVMe Disk reporting. Improved multiple CSMI RAID controller and nVidia nForce4 reporting.
Added support for the ASUS Z170M-Plus motherboard.
Enhanced [Link Devices] to report the USB Port and Hub of Ghost Devices.
Version 5.07 released on 14-Feb-2016
Added support for Windows 10 RS1 V10.00 Build 14257. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added support for the Corsair Hydro Series 7289 H80iV2 + H100iV2 + H115i coolers and optimal detection of CL4 (Corsair Link 4).
Added [GPU Points] to setup AMD and nVidia GPU fan control using 6 point Custom Curves.
Resolved issues with USB attached HX1200i PSU detection and [Link Power] OCP reporting on systems with multiple AXi power supplies.
Improved Intel Broadwell-E support. Added [Uninstall] facility to [Link devices] that uninstalls Windows Ghost Devices.
Added support for ASRock FM2A85X, X99 Extreme6, Z170, ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, H97M, Maximus VIII, P5W, Sabertooth Z97, X99-A, X99-E WS, Z97-P, Z170-Deluxe, Biostar TZ77A, Fujitsu E7936, Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming and Supermicro X10DAL motherboards.
Added support for IOR IR35201 + ISL95856 PWM power controllers.
Corrected some nVidia GTX 800 series GPUs to report as Maxwell rather than Kepler.
Improved reporting of systems with multiple PCI segments
Version 5.06 released on 14-Dec-2015
Added support for UASPStor controlled USB Disks.
Added support for the ASUS Crossblade Ranger + P5B-E + X99-PRO and Gigabyte X99M motherboards.
Resolved [Link Fans] reporting issue of Fixed PWM for AXi + HXi + RMi PSUs. Change maximum fan speed to 9999.
Added reporting of REG_BINARY to [Link Devices]. Improved Corsair AirFlow reporting.
Version 5.05 released on 14-Nov-2015
Added support for Windows 10 TH2 V10.00 Build 10586. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added Intel Core m3 + m5 + m7 + Xeon E3 v5 (Skylake) support and improved memory speed plus DDR3 DIMM reporting.
Extend HXi and RMi PSU support for USB connection. Note AXi PSUs are still only supported via C-Link.
Added monitoring of Thermaltake DPS-G and Enermax Digifanless PSUs.
Resolved issue with Asetek Cooler Custom Curves when the temperature is above Point 6.
Correct EC voltage scaling for ASUS Z87-Pro and Z97-Pro. Added Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 motherboard support.
Correct operation on [Save] on the [Link Fans] panel that would set AIO Test Limit to 250 (the value of AIO Timeout).
Corrected the reporting of Asetek V AIOs such as the Antec Kuhler H2O 920.
Version 5.04 released on 24-Oct-2015
Added support for Windows 10 TH2 V10.00 Build 10565. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added Custom Curve support for Corsair AXi, HXi and RMi PSU fans.
Resolved issue with Disk Drives not being detected on some systems with some versions of the Intel RST driver.
Resolved issue with -GPUCTL fan control of some GTX 980 GPUs and improved support for 0 RPM GPU fan reporting.
Resolved issue with [My IP Address] that was caused by the servers changing.
Updated Skylake logos. Improved ASUS Z170 based motherboard support.
Improved the Core i3/i5 (Arrandale) and GM45 iGPU core speed reporting.
Added ASUS P9X79-E WS, Sabertooth X79, Z87-Pro, Dell 1557, 1757, 1564, 1764 and Alpha DS20 support.
Resolved issue with ACPI Eval on ASUS P9X79-E WS and some HP ZX1 based Itanium systems.
Allow for some nVidia GPUs only reporting limited Video Clock information.
Version 5.03 released on 14-Sep-2015
Added support for Windows 10 TH2 V10.00 Build 10532. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Change [SIV Autorun] to use Windows Task Scheduler for Windows 7 and later.
Resolved issue with [Link LEDs] Temperature mode feedback on Corsair Link Lighting Nodes and improved the feedback on when Temperature mode is being used.
Added Intel Atom (Bay Trail) SMBus support and adjusted power reporting.
Resolved issue with ACPI Thermal Zone reporting on Windows 10 systems.
Added ASUS Sabertooth X99 and X99-A and MSI MS-7751 motherboard support.
Version 5.02 released on 14-Aug-2015
Added support for Windows 10 RTM V10.00 Build 10240. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added [SIV Qualifiers] to setup the SIV Default Command Qualifiers that are used when none are specified.
Added the [Link Limits] page which shows the supported devices, current update usage and allows the effect of adding more hardware to be checked.
Added Corsair H110iGTX, H100iGTX, H80iGT and NZXT Kraken cooler reporting but as yet not full control.
To reflect the NZXT support rename all the titles to [AIO Link ...] and add -AIOCTL to be do the same as -CRLCTL (deprecated).
Improved the feedback on [Link LEDs] when Temperature mode is being used.
Changed to show two temperatures for RMi PSUs.
Updated the [USB Bus] port details panels to enable IgnoreHWSerNum to be setup and [USB Flags] to show the IgnoreHWSerNum state.
Resolved [Link Devices] issue with a vast number of ghost HID devices and the PMBus Bridge + H80iGT Product ID (PID) conflict.
Added ASUS Maximus VI and Z97I-Plus motherboard support.
Block SIV Latest Release checks when running in -TRAY mode or SIV is minimised.
Version 5.01 released on 14-Jul-2015
Added support for Windows 10 V10.00 Build 10166. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added AMD Godavari and Carrizo support. Improved Intel Braswell and Skylake support. Added PCH SMBus DDR4 DIMM SPD page support.
Resolved an issue with the incorrect bus speed being reported on some AMD FX-6350 Six-Core (Vishera) systems.
Added [Cooling Status] panel, -COOLING command line qualifier and support for DIMM temperatures as Synthetic Temperature components.
Added ASRock Z77 Extreme4, ASUS Rampage IV Formula, Rampage V Extreme, MSI MS-7583, MS-7816 and TYAN S2466 motherboard support.
Added Fintek F71868AD, Giantec GT34TS04 and Nuvoton NCT6793D sensor support. Added SMBIOS V3.0.0 reporting.
Added support for reporting LSI SAS2008/Dell 6Gbps SAS (LSI_SAS2 service) JBOD SATA drives.
Improved the I/O Space Mapping cache (see Menu->Hardware->CPU Detail->Map Unmap).
Version 5.00 released on 14-May-2015
Migrated from the SHA-1 to SHA-2 code signing. This has no real impact on most systems, but to use SIV V5 on W7 you need KB3033929 installed and on Vista x64 to disable Driver Signature Verification.
Added support for Windows 10 V10.00 Build 10074. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Resolved race condition when -CRLCTL is being used that causes intermittent issues on some systems.
Added Synthetic Temperatures (Menu->Tools->Configuration->Synthetic Setup) so custom curves can use the highest reading of multiple sensors and/or this can be displayed on the [Status] panel.
Added initial Intel Core i7 (Broadwell-H) and Intel Atom (Braswell) reporting.
Added ASRock Z97 OC Formula, ASUS MAXIMUS VII GENE, P8B75, P8Z77-V, Gigabyte Z97X-UD3, MSI MS-7881, Supermicro H8DMU and X10DAX motherboard support.
Extended ASUS Rampage IV motherboard support for embedded controller temperature, fan speed and voltage reporting.
Added Nuvoton W83793G SMBus hardware monitoring support.
Added the -SINGLE command line qualifier specify that only a single instance of SIV should be active.
Version 4.53 released on 14-Mar-2015
Enhanced the Corsair Link profile format to better allow for CL devices being added and removed. Existing profile data will be transparently changed to the new format but earlier versions of SIV will not use this revised profile information.
Enhanced [Link Fans] to easily enable all the fans to be set to a specified ratio (PWM) or speed (RPM). Added Corsair Link firmware image name for The H110iGT.
Changed System Power Usage to report the overall power rather than just the primary CPU power.
Added export support of SIV sensor information for GOverlay LCDSysInfo displays and the [GOverlay] panel. To report SIV data you will need the GOverlay Beta 1.4.3 that has SIV support.
Added the [CPU Export], [GPU Export], [PWM Export], [UPS Export], [Link Export] and [Sensor Export] panels to control what is exported by SIV.
Revised Menu->System and Menu->Help to move rarely used entries into sub-menus.
Added SENTEST.exe <lines to display> <repeat count> <repeat delay in ms> to test SIV sensor export.
Added nVidia Management Library (NVML) support to enable the reporting of Tesla K20c and similar GPUs.
Improved ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard reporting. Resolved issue with [IPI Delay] when running a 32-bit SIV on 64-bit Windows with > 32 CPUs per CPU Group.
Version 4.52 released on 14-Feb-2015
Added support for Windows 10 V10.00 Build 9926. Enabled operation of [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added SMART reporting for Prolific Technology PL2773 USB to SATA Bridge attached Disk Drives.
Rationalised GPU reporting and resolved issue with the GPU-n Tool Tip on none nVidia/AMD GPUs. Allow for systems with AMD GPUs and have up to 64 displays.
Reworked the initial screen layout logic to better deal with an excessive number of Temperatures, Voltages and Fan Speeds.
Added re-initialisation of C-Link hardware about 30 seconds after resuming from sleep/hibernate when running in -CRLCTL mode. Updated [Link Fans] to workaround CL Mini, H110iGT, H100i and H80i manual feedback firmware issues when -CRLCTL is specified. Enhanced the [Link Status] dumps to report all instances of the data. Added reporting of Corsair AXi PSU -12 Volt information and support for the RM-Series PSU C-Link Adapter. Note that SIV will report RM-Series PSU information even when CL is active.
Added Nuvoton NCT6792D HWM, Intersil ISL6388 PWM sensor, EVGA 150-SE-E789, Gigabyte X99-SOC, MSI MS-7693 and MS-7888 motherboard support.
Added Ukrainian support. Workaround STATUS_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT issue within WinVerifyTrust() on Itanium.
Version 4.51 released on 14-Jan-2015
Updated to use NVAPI R346 and report the GPU Video Clocks (NVAPI_GPU_PUBLIC_CLOCK_VIDEO).
Enhanced [Link Fans] to allow the temperature feedback sensor to be selected, but this currently this only works for CL Cooling Nodes and H100/H80 Coolers. I believe there are firmware issues with the CL Mini and H100i/H80i Coolers. Added initial H100iGT and H110iGT support. Updated HX1000i PSU support. Added the [link-dump] section to the save file which contains register dumps of all the devices listed on the [Link Status] panel.
Version 4.50 released on 14-Dec-2014
Added Windows 10 V6.04 Build 9879 support. Resolved operation of [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
Added the -CRLCTL command line qualifier to enable the SIV Corsair Link control facilities and ensure EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled is inactive. SIV Corsair Link control should only be enabled for one instance of SIV and when enabled SIV will automatically reload any saved control information when it starts and update temperature feedback every 2 seconds. Enhanced support for cycling colours, added [Save] to the [Link LEDs] panel and updated [Reset] to reset to any saved values. Added AIO Link Name customisation which is accessed via the [Link Status] panel. Improved H80 and H100 custom cooling setup.
Extended [Graphics] to support 64 rather than 16 displays and show as blocks of 4 displays. Added initial ECS H81H3 motherboard support.
Updated the [PCI BARs] panel to show PCI Bridge Prefetch, Memory and Unused areas.
Version 4.49 released on 14-Nov-2014
Added support for the original Corsair Link Commander and H80/H100 cooling nodes. Revised the Corsair Link I/O code to use overlapped I/O and timeout the write and read operations after 250 ms. With these changes SIV should no longer stall if the Corsair Link hardware fails to respond to an I/O request. Enhanced Corsair AX760i, AX860i and HX850i power supply reporting. Extend [Link Status] to report any I/O errors.
Added Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard and International Rectifier IR3564B PWM support.
Revised to cache physical memory mappings (MmMapIoSpace()) to avoid high DPC latencies caused when MmUnmapIoSpace() is called.
Version 4.48 released on 14-Oct-2014
Added Windows 10 V6.04 Build 9841 support. Resolved operation of [PWR States], [ACPI Buses] and [ACPI Ports].
Added support for nVidia GTX 980 plus GTX 970 (Maxwell) GPUs and the [GPU Lights] panel.
Added ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition and ASRock Z77 Extreme6 support.
Added support for Corsair Link channels and AX1500i + AX1200i support. Associate H100i and H80i Pumps with the CPUs.
Added [Link Devices], [Link Fans] and [Link LEDs] panels.
Version 4.47 released on 14-Sep-2014
Improved Intel Core i7 (Haswell-E) and X99 Chipset support.
Added support for Nuvoton NCT6791D sensors, ASUS H87M-PRO, Gigabyte Z87X-D3H and Intel DX48BT2 motherboards.
Added support for Intersil ISL6379 PWMs and the ASRock X99 series motherboards.
Added reporting of nVidia GPU Video clock speeds by using NVAPI_GPU_PUBLIC_CLOCK_VIDEO (new in R340 NVAPI).
Added reporting of Corsair Link Temperature and Fan/Pump Speed for H100i, H80i, etc.. This is available only when Corsair Link is not active as Corsair Link does not use the Access_CorsairLink mutex to interlock access to the Corsair Link hardware. If Corsair get enough requests they might add locking support to Corsair Link.
Added support for Intel ACPI Power Management Devices (ACPI\INT33FD). Added exclusion for the ACPI \SAM_\UATB method.
Version 4.46 released on 14-Jul-2014
Update the [Windows] panel to display the Registered Processors plus Memory Allowed and added the [Windows Policies] panel for Vista and later.
Added reporting of any Hypervisor Virtual Machine and for Windows 8.1 V6.03 Build 9600 if Update 1 is installed.
Added the [Makers] panel which shows all the System and Motherboard Makers for all systems within a domain.
Added Minimum SMART to specify the minimum SMART polling interval for the Disk Drive. Once set this will allow the Disk Drive to spin down until the set time has elapsed.
Added reporting of the number of active memory channels for Intel 5000, 5400 and 7300 chipsets.
Improve reporting of memory timing information on some Intel X38/X48 chipsets by enabling MCHBAR.
Report the Peak GFLOPS for nVidia GTX/GT 700 series CUDA GPUs.
Resolved issue with strange CPU % usage reporting that only happened on some Windows 7 x64 systems.
Corrected the reporting of DDR3 DIMM SPD information for DIMMs with none zero FTB values.
Improve the Controller Name for Texas Instruments XHCI Controller attached USB Disk Drives.
Added support for the Intel D5400XS (Skulltrail) and Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force motherboards including IR3580 PWMs.
Compensate for Wine calling RaiseException() when SLGetWindowsInformation() is called.
Version 4.45 released on 14-May-2014
Added the [Sound] panel to list the Rendering and Capture devices.
Added the [Show Image] panel that displays the Image Headers for .EXE, .DLL and .SYS files.
Corrected the reporting of Intel Celeron (Ivy Bridge) processors.
Enhanced ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard support.
Resolved startup issue on some systems that have a UEFI only BIOS.
Resolved issue with the [SIV Lookup] panel [WEBUPD] option only updating one file.
Added support for Windows NT 3.51 with "new shell" and COMCTL32 5.81 installed.
Version 4.44 released on 14-Apr-2014
Added ITE IT8603F support and improved AMD APU (Kaveri) plus (Trinity) power reporting.
Added persistent Temperature Scale selection and -TEMP=X to specify the temperature scale as °X.
Improved Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E QPI Link speed reporting.
Improved Haswell-E support, added initial DDR4 SPD and Thermal Sensor support.
Added ASRock FM2A88M plus P67 motherboard support and corrected the ASRock X79 Champion DRAM and VTT +1.2 voltage reporting.
Improved UPS power reporting for APC Back-UPS RS 550GI.
Resolved issue with [ACPI Eval] on Dell PowerEdge R910 systems.
Version 4.43 released on 14-Feb-2014
Improved Ivy Bridge-E, added ASRock X79 Champion and updated X79 Extreme3/4/6 + Z68 Extreme4 motherboard support.
Added support for ASRock multiplexed fans (usually two CPU fans) on the above motherboards.
Changed [Lock Status] to use NtQueryMutant() and display the ASRock Fan Toggle times.
Changed [USB Bus] to get the USB Controller Names using the Setup API rather than rely on the HCD names.
Resolved issue with AMD Kabini and Trinity CPU Core and North Bridge power reporting.
Allow for Opteron systems without any DIMMs present on CPU-0.
Version 4.42 released on 14-Jan-2014
Added initial AMD APU (Kabini) and Acer XC-105 motherboard support.
Added ASRock H61M-DGS, Dell XPS 8700 and Tyan S8230 motherboard support.
Added Intel 9 Series chipset support. Allow for no CPUID 0x000B data on "Microsoft Hv" systems.
Added the Access_Intel_OC_Mailbox mutex to interlock access to MSR 0x0150 (IA32_OC_MAILBOX).
Extended the Transfer Rate panel enable the Transfer Bytes, Transfer Depth and Transfer Count to be specified.
Added the ability to test Inner, Outer and a Range of locations plus a Range of Transfer Depths or Bytes.
Correct number of Level 2 Caches reported for some Intel Core i5 processors.
Resolved SIV32X issue with the Tool Tip on Volts for some CPUs if a core voltage is not reported.
Resolved issue with the [ SPD ] panel for DIMMs that have a vast number of XMP profiles.
Version 4.41 released on 07-Nov-2013
Added Intel Atom (Cloverview) and initial AMD APU (Kaveri) support.
Added initial SMSC SCH4307 support and resolved issue with -MONITOR mode.
Updated Windows 8.1 Build 9600 ACPI Thermal Zone support.
Added ACPI Embedded Controller Fan Speed ACPI Method deduction.
Added the [Disk Status] panel and a control panel to setup the per Power Cycle Lost Time, Power-on Hours Base and Hour Time.
Updated SMART reporting to support ASUS USB 3.0 Boost Turbo mode Disk Drives.
Updated SMART to include the Device Nominal Form Factor and Data Set Management (TRIM) reporting.
Updated screen layout for systems with more than 48 CPUs and removed -NOCHIP mode.
Improved SIV start-up speed in general and especially for systems with multiple CPU Groups (more than 64 CPUs).
Added RadiSys CEQM77HDE support and resolved issue with DIMM temperature reporting for SO-UDIMMs.
Version 4.40 released on 14-Sep-2013
Validated Windows 8.1 RTM Build 9600 support, enabled ACPI operations and added <supportedOS Id>.
Added Intel Atom (Bay Trail) support and allow for IA Core without Package power.
Added ITE IT8790E sensor chip reporting and updated Gigabyte Z87X motherboard support.
Added SMART Media Wearout Indicator and Total NAND Program Count reporting.
Update to compensate for changes in Intel Rapid Storage Technology V12.08.0.1016.
Added nVidia MCP73V chipset and MSI MS-7366 motherboard support.
Added Intel DX79SI and ECS 945GZ motherboard support.
Allow for some ACPI\INT340E methods reporting 0x80000000.
Updated the [SMBus Locks] panel for latest AIDA64 plus EasyTune and added SensorDetector.
Version 4.39 released on 14-Jul-2013
Updated Windows 8.1 support and enabled ACPI evaluation for Build 9431.
Added support for the Intel WX58BP motherboard, HP DL580 G5 system and resloved issue with SMBIOS/DMI reporting.
Added support to report Pipe Usage for UAS (USB Attached SCSI) capable devices.
Resolved issue with [ MCH ] on some systems with a VIA chipset.
Resolved issue with logo backgrounds being the incorrect colour on displays with 16-bit rather than 32-bit colour.
Version 4.38 released on 14-Jun-2013
Enhanced 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 (Haswell) processor support and resolved issue with Intel® Pentium® 4/D voltage updating.
Allow for the screen being rotated on the Microsoft Surface Pro and similar systems.
Enhanced the battery status to, when available, include the Time to Fully Charge the Battery.
Added OnSemi ADP3228 EPU plus Nuvoton NCT6683D support and resolved SMSC LPC47M192 Fan Speed issue.
Added ASUS STRIKER II NSE motherboard support and nVidia nForce 790i (10DE:0802) memory timings.
Added Gigabyte Z77X-UD3, Z87X-OC, F2A55M, F2A75M and F2A85X motherboard support.
Added support for [SIVDEF.ini] which can be used to provide defaults for configuration parameters that are not already present in the registry. By default SIV will save these defaults to the registry unless -NOSIVREG is selected. Note that when SIV is run from a DVD/CD or Removable Drive (USB Flash Drive) -NOSIVREG is the default.
Enhanced [SMBus Setup] to support SMBus exclusions for busses other than zero. Currently all none zero SMBuses use the same exclusions.
Enhanced the [Machine] page to work on systems with a UEFI only BIOS or -NODRIVER mode for Server 2003 SP1, XP-64 SP1, Windows Vista and later systems.
Added [LDN Information] to display the registers for Super I/O Logical Device Numbers (LDNs).
Resolved [ACPI Eval] issue on HP DL360p Gen8 systems.
Added the -DBGINI qualifier and included SIVDBG.bat in the to aid resolving start-up issues.
Resolved start-up issue which existed on some HP DL360 G5 systems.
Added initial Windows 8.1 support and enabled ACPI evaluation for Build 9385.
Version 4.37 released on 14-May-2013
Improved Intel Haswell support and updated to use the latest Intel logos.
Added initial AMD Annapurna (Richland) support.
Revised nVidia Optimus GPU reporting to prevent forcing the GPU back online.
Added generic support for Embedded Controller ACPI Method based Temperature and Fan Speed reporting.
Added initial ITE IT8731F and IT8732F sensor support.
Resolved ASUS P5B motherboard ATK0110 conflict with Intel QST, QST Voltage monitoring and CPU Fan Speed reporting.
Added reporting of Matrox MGA G200/G200eH/G200eR/G200eW WPCM450 clocks and G450/G550 Warp clock.
Version 4.36 released on 14-Apr-2013
Added the GPU % Load plots for Intel Core i3/i5/i7 HD Graphics Controllers and similar for Windows 7/8 systems.
Added current GPU memory usage for AMD/ATI and many other GPUs for Windows 7/8 systems.
Use NvAPI_GPU_GetMemoryInfo() for nVidia memory usage to allow for GPUs with no attached display.
Updated Sandy Bridge-E DIMM Temperature reading and added initial Haswell-E support.
Added reporting of per CPU System Agent Power usage (CPU-n SA Core Power).
Added the display of RAID Volume Names to the [CSMI RAID] panel.
Resolved Disk Drive detection issue for Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise.
Version 4.35 released on 14-Mar-2013
Added initial Haswell-ULT and Lynx Point-LP support.
Added ASRock X79 Extreme3 motherboard support.
Improved Sandy Bridge-EP SMBus access and four processor systems support.
Added initial Microsoft Surface Pro sensor reporting support.
Added Fintek F71869A and F71889A sensor support.
Added AMD RS400/133 Host Bridge support.
Improved AMD 870 chipset recognition. Improved AMD A6/A8/A10 APU reporting.
Version 4.34 released on 14-Dec-2012
Added Uncore speed reporting for Intel Core i7 Quad 720QM (Clarksfield) and similar CPUs.
Added ADT7475 sensor support and enhanced ASUS P8Z77-V + SABERTOOTH 990FX reporting.
Added Dell 7720 ACPI derived Temperature, Fan Speed reporting and resolved [ACPI Eval] lockup.
Added the [UEFI Information] panel.
Version 4.33 released on 20-Oct-2012
Added initial Intel Haswell, 8 Series chipset and AMD FX-8300 Series (Vishera) support.
Updated the Disk Drive Statistics panels to add the selection of Delta or Total values.
Added the [IPI Delay] panel which shows the IPI Delays when calling KeIpiGenericCall().
Updated the CPU speed reporting to read all the CPU MSRs at the same time by using KeIpiGenericCall().
Added support for Intel Rapid Storage Technology V11.06.0.1030.
Added sensor support for the Supermicro X9DAi and ASRock 890GX Extreme3 motherboards.
Resolved a handle leak with the [Bluetooth] panel.
Updated [Chipset SMBus] panel to show the SIV Driver INUSE Wait timeout which should be < 100ms.
Version 4.32 released on 06-Sep-2012
Windows 8 RTM V6.02 Build 9200 support validated and driver ACPI operations enabled.
Updated the [SMB Bus] support to when possible interlock using the INUSE_STS semaphore that is implemented in most Intel SMBus controllers (ICH1 and later). Some third party SMBus drivers incorrectly leave the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state after they have completed their operations. When SIV detects this it will temporarily stop using INUSE_STS and indicate it has done this by un-checking INUSE on the [SMB Bus] panel. Note that SIV uses both the INUSE_STS semaphore and the Access_SMBUS.HTP.Method mutex.
Added the [Chipset SMBus] panel which shows the INUSE_STS semaphore state. If you see the checkbox ticked this indicates a third party SMBus driver has incorrectly left the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state and should be updated.
Added Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 and initial ASRock 970 Extreme3 + 990FX Extreme4 motherboard support.
Added VIA VX11 chipset support.
Added support for the Access_PCI mutex which is used to interlock critical access to PCI Configuration space.
Resolved an issue with [Battery] Granularity reporting and tidied up the panel layout.
Added [JMicron RAID] SMART reporting.
Added -NORAID to disable SMART on RAID Array Drives.
Added support for the On Semi ADP4000 and NCP4200 PMBus Power Controllers.
Added [ACPI ASPT] that reports the ACPI SPTT information.
Version 4.31 released on 14-Jul-2012
Added Ivy Bridge + Sandy Bridge GPU Clock speed, Voltage, Temperature and Power reporting.
Resolved issues with Ivy Bridge memory speed and "siv -save=[win-ce]=<file>".
When "EnableBalloonTips" is FALSE don't use Balloon Tool Tips.
Added the [JMicron RAID Controller] page.
Version 4.30 released on 14-Jun-2012
Windows 8 Release Preview V6.02 Build 8400 support validated and driver ACPI operations enabled.
Added the [Embedded Controller] page and EC sensor reporting for ASUS P8Z77 motherboards..
Added Enable of the X7, P7, P6 and P5 Series Chipset Thermal Controller.
Update [GPU Apps] to allow for no nVidia GPU when NVAPI is present.
Update to use --get_state for BOINC V7.00.26 and later as the --get_simple_gui_info output has changed.
Added -INIT=NOAPM to tell SIV to try and Disable APM on all the disk drives and then exit.
Version 4.29 released on 14-May-2012
Updated GTX 600 series voltage reporting, the [GPU Info] panel layout and overclocked nVidia GPUs.
Added reporting of nVidia GPU Performance Decrease reasons.
Display GPU fan speed RPM and % when both are available.
Updated [BOINC Status] to show when Network Activity is allowed and if not to defer Auto Retry. Added a facility to set GPU tasks to run at Above Normal priority.
Added Nuvoton NCT6779D sensor support.
Fixed [GPU CUDA] for elderly 258.96 drivers.
Resolved an [ACPI Eval] timeout issue with "\EC0_\WEOF" on the ASUS U36SD.
Version 4.28 released on 14-Apr-2012
Added Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and 7 Series Chipset Support. Improved Intel X79 and added C600 chipset support.
Added GPU % load summary, nVidia GTX 680 power support, updated clock speed reporting and CUDA Peak GFLOPS calculations.
Added the [HID Bus] and [PMB Bus] panels. Improved APC USB/HID UPS support and reporting.
Added Gigabyte Z77 and X79 motherboard support including the reporting of the PMBus based Digital Power Controllers.
Added Menu->File->Save Public to generate save files with private information excluded.
Added the -PATH="<boinc folder>[;<data folder>]" qualifier which can be used to specify the folders of a BOINC instance.
Updated Intel DX58SO motherboard for ADT7490 sensors being used rather than aSC7621 on later board revisions.
Fixed Wine "1.4" recognition issue.
Version 4.27 released on 14-Mar-2012
Windows 8 Prerelease V6.02 Build 8250 support validated, driver ACPI operations enabled and Thermal Zones fixed.
Added the [CPU Benchmark] page. Added initial AMD A10 APU (Trinity) support.
Added the [RDP Sessions] page. Added APC UPS HID support to the [Battery] page.
Added cached WU summary to the [BOINC Status] panel and the -BOINC=HIDE qualifier. The Auto Retry facility will when selected automatically retry stalled SETI@home transfers and the -TICKLE=<seconds> command qualifier allows intervals longer than the default of 900 seconds to be specified. Note: The [BOINC Status] page is only available when SIV finds BOINC has been installed (HKLM\Software\Space Sciences Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley\BOINC Setup exists).
Updated [Remove SIV] to include any [SIV Autorun] entry. Added the select [Clipboard Viewer] panel.
Updated the Romanian and Turkish translations. Resolved issue running under Wine when the SMBIOS/DMI data is outside the usual 128KB area.
Version 4.26 released on 14-Feb-2012
Improved AMD FX-8150 Eight-Core (Zambezi) speed reporting and fixed an issue with the [MCH] page.
Added the nVidia [GPU CUDA] reporting page, current nVidia GPU Frame Buffer usage and the [Dummy DVI] page.
Added nVidia MCP61, MCP65, MCP67/68, MCP73, MCP77/78, MCP79/7A and MCP7B temperature reporting.
Added the [BOINC Status] page which lists BOINC processes and GPU Memory Use or Temperatures. Including an option to set the CPU Affinity for Idle Priority Class BOINC clients. On a system with HyperThreading different cores will be used when possible.
Added the monitoring of Battery or UPS current voltage, charge level and the estimated time remaining.
Added a [SIV Autorun] on login setup facility.
Updated Bulgarian and Portuguese translations.
Version 4.25 released on 14-Jan-2012
Added the [GPU SLI] to report nVidia SLI Topologies and [GPU Crossfire] to report AMD Crossfire.
Added Fintek F71808A and Tyan S8812 DIMM SPD MUX support.
Resolved AMD Phenom Core Temperature updating issue.
Renamed SIV.exe to SIV32L.exe to signify 32-bit Legacy.
Version 4.24 released on 14-Dec-2011
Added the [Memory Speed] panel which reports the memory speed for each CPU accessing memory from each NUMA Node.
Added initial Intel Atom N2800 (Cedarview) support.
Added BIOS [MPS], ACPI [SLIT], [SRAT] reports and include physical 0x0E0000 in .DMI files.
Added support for the AMD-8111 chipset SMBus and the ADM1026 Thermal Controller as used on RIOWORKS HDAMA motherboards.
Version 4.23 released on 14-Nov-2011
Added reporting of Windows [Power Scheme], [Network Profiles] and resolved Windows 8 [ACPI HAL] BSOD issue.
Added AMD A-Series (Llano) processor support.
Added DIMM SPD XMP V1.3 SPD reporting and SPD panel tool tips.
Added [GPU I2C] panel for both AMD/ATI and nVidia GPUs. Added nVidia fan speed as percentage reporting.
When possible report the Disk Rotation Speed, Cache State and Cache Size. Fixed Initio USB SMART support.
Version 4.22 released on 14-Jul-2011
Added support for SMART and temperature reporting on all USB-to-SATA Bridges that support SCSIOP_ATA_PASSTHROUGH12 plus most Cypress, JMicron and Sunplus based bridges. Improved all SATA/PATA SMART attribute and SCSI LOG SENSE reporting.
Added reporting of Windows CE device information.
Added nVidia MCP73 Chipset SMBus and Memory Timings support.
Version 4.21 released on 14-Jun-2011
Added initial support for the Intel X79 chipset, Core i7 and Xeon (Sandy Bridge-EP) processors.
Added initial AMD FX (Zambezi), Opteron (Valencia) and Opteron (Interlagos) support.
Added SCSI Disk Drive temperature reporting and improved eSATA hot-plug support by processing WM_DEVICECHANGE messages.
Added [SPD Save] (Menu->File->Save DIMM SPD) which saves the DIMM SPD information as binary files.
Added VIA Nano X3 support. Resolved timing issue with VIA VX900 and VT8261 SMBus access.
Version 4.20 released on 14-May-2011
Added VIA QuadCore processor support, VX900 Chipset Memory Speed reporting and SMBus support.
Added nVidia MCP89 Chipset Memory Speed and SMBus support.
Updated Intel 5000, 5100, 5400, 7300 and E8500 chipset SMBus support. Added Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) reporting.
Added ACPI XPSS method decode and use as the CPU power level.
Version 4.19 released on 14-Apr-2011
Resolved issue with SIV64X.exe V4.18 on AMD systems that was caused by a C compiler bug!
Version 4.18 released on 14-Apr-2011
Enhanced the [Network] panels to work Asynchronously such that after two seconds if some systems have not responded the panel will popup and SIV will update the panel as information becomes available. The two second timeout starts once SIV has the list of computers which usually does not take very long. Added the -ASYNC and -NOASYNC options to enable and disable asynchronous operation. Note that for save files the [Network] information is always synchronous. Added Tool Tips to the [Network] pages for the thread counts, delay times and to show wide text.
Added Tool Tips to the large network screen navigation buttons and changed to have one button for each screen rather than as many buttons as there is space for.
Enhanced the [Filter] panel to show the total systems for each version of Windows.
Resolved a thread rundown issue which was triggered by changing the Font or Language. Usually SIV would gain 4 extra threads and intermittently this also caused an application fault.
Improved the support of nVidia nForce SMBus Controllers.
Resolved an issue with SIVDRIVER and reduced the number of "fixme" reports when using Wine.
Updated [USB Bus] to support systems with more than 10 Root Hub Controllers and allow for unexpected names such as HCD: rather than HCDA.
Version 4.17 released on 14-Mar-2011
Changed the packaging such that includes SIV64X.exe and SIV32X.exe instead of SIV.exe. It now contains all the files needed for most systems. Added which is a 32-bit SIV ASCII add-on that is needed for the legacy Windows 2000, NT4 and 9X systems. Removed and
Added Power Usage reporting of the Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (Sandy Bridge) processor package.
Added the [Latest Releases] panel which can be used to check the latest Current and Beta releases of SIV. It will usually also display the latest changes in the Beta release. Added the ability to check for new SIV releases at regular intervals. The default is once per week.
Added display of the Internet Access state, explicit HTTP Proxy support and also added the -proxy=<address>:<port> command qualifier.
Enhanced the [My IP Address] panel to operate asynchronously, updated to use and added the facility to use an alternate key for the server lookups.
Enhanced the CPU Utilisation updating such that when SIV is waiting for the SMBus lock the CPU information continues to be updated and an informational message displayed that Sensor updates are stalled. This will not happen unless another program is holding the SMBus lock for an excessive time.
Enhanced the sensor Tool Tips to show the Description, Current, Average, Minimum and Maximum values. Changed the memory/page file tool tips to display the size and the cache tool tips to be multi-line.
Improved the integration with ASUS ATK and Intel QST sensors. Added support for the Supermicro X7DCA. Resolved an issue on the ASUS M3N-HT motherboard.
Version 4.16 released on 14-Feb-2011
Added support for the Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (Sandy Bridge) processors, B65, H61, H65, HM65, H67, HM67, P65, PM65, P67, Q67, QM67, QS67, UM67, Z68, C202, C204 and C206 chipsets.
Added support for the ITE IT8728 and IT8772 Super I/O LPC controllers.
Updated support for the AMD Opteron 6100 (Magny-Cours) series processors. Added support for the SR5690, SR5670, SR5650 and SP5100 chipsets.
Updated support for the DM&P Vortex86 DX / MX SoC CPUs.
Updated the [USB Bus] page to report the DeviceHubNestedTooDeeply, DeviceInLegacyHub, DeviceEnumerating and DeviceReset states.
Version 4.15 released on 14-Dec-2010
Added reporting of Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID Sets and Drives including disk temperature reporting.
Added support for the On Semiconductor ASP0800 power controller to report the CPU Voltage, Current and Power usage. Added all three to the H/W Status panel and display of the Power on the initial screen.
Added real-time DIMM Temperature reporting for Crucial Ballistix Finned DDR3 Memory Modules with Thermal Sensors.
Added support for the VIA Nano Dual-Core processor and also for the Intel HM55 chipset.
Version 4.14 released on 14-Nov-2010
Added use of the ACPI _PSS method to evaluate and show the current CPU power levels. This works on many Core 2 and a few Pentium 4 systems.
Added the -NOSIVREG command line qualifier to tell SIV not to save information in the Windows Registry. When SIV is run from a DVD/CD or Removable Drive (USB Flash Drive) that is not the system drive the default is -NOSIVREG.
Added CPU Core, Disk Drive and Thermal Zone information to the -MONITOR mode logging file. Changed the format to be the same as for -TAG information.
Added -ENVLOG=<seconds> and -EXCEL=<seconds> to enable environment information logging and set the logging interval. The -EXCEL files are designed for viewing with Excel and similar. Added -MONLOG=<seconds> to set -MONITOR mode and the logging interval.
Added the [ASUS Info] page which to shows the ACPI\ATK0110 sensor information.
Added support for ACPI Method Evaluations and the [ACPI Eval] page which shows these. If there is an issue with the ACPI method evaluation then the command:
siv -dbghal -save=[initial][acpi-hal][acpi-eval]=acpi.txt > acpi.log | more should be used to find and then report the ACPI method causing the issue.
Version 4.13 released on 14-Oct-2010
Added support for Intel Core i5 M400 (Arrandale) series and the HM57 chipset.
Added support for Intel QST and the [QST Status] page to show detailed QST information.
Added the [Ping Network] page to allow a specified range of IP Addresses to be pinged. With the 32-bit builds SIV will use up to 64 worker threads and achieves a rate of around 120 per second for 256 or more pings. The 64-bit builds will use up to 512 worker threads which for 2,048 or more pings at 1,000 per second. To specify sparse addresses use ranges such as to which will ping 8,160 ( 8 x 4 x 255 ) IP addresses. The worker threads are set to have different Ideal Processors and are distributed to multiple CPU Groups.
Version 4.12 released on 14-Sep-2010
Added the [Sectors] page to display Disk Drive Physical and Logical sector information. Updated [Geometry] and [Partitions] to include drive serial numbers.
Added support for ATI SB8x0 SMBus controllers and the ITE IT8721F LPC controller.
Updated the [H/W Status] page to include environmental information from the motherboard LPC and SMBus sensors. Added support for most temperature scales.
Added the [Direct X] page to display the Direct X versions that are installed.
Updated the [Cache Latency] page to show a progress bar. The latency is now measured using a worker thread, so the CPU Utilisation plots, CPU Speeds and Environmental information will continue to be updated. I have also changed the [Sensors], [SMART] and [Volumes] pages to use worker threads for updates.
Added the [SMBus Locks] page which shows the locking Mutex names and which namespace they exist in.
Added support for the Compaq W8000 SMBus multiplexor to facilitate the reporting of RIMM SPD information.
Added reporting of SMBus environmental sensors for ASUS A7V, NCT-D, P4T533, Compaq W8000, W6000, Dell 490, 530, 610, HP xw8000, Intel BS460GX, DX58SO, MS440GX, MSI MS-6135 and Tyan S3992 systems. Added generic support for the SMSC LPC47M192.
Version 4.11 released on 14-Aug-2010
Added support for the Intel H55, QM57, VIA VX800, VT8251 and nVidia MCP65 chipsets.
Added reporting on nVidia GPU Voltages, updated the GPU Speed and Utilisation support for elderly VGA cards and drivers.
Corrected the VIA Nano CPU speed and temperature reporting. Improved the VIA MSR reporting. Updated to use the new VIA logos.
Updated the [My IP Address] page to include the location and time zone.
Version 4.10 released on 14-Jul-2010
Updated support for Intel Core i3 500 (Clarkdale), Core i7 800 (Clarksfield), Pentium SU4000 (Penryn) and Celeron SU2000 (Penryn) series processors.
Added support for the Intel H57, E7500 and E7501 chipsets.
Added reporting of GPU Speeds and Utilisation to the Initial screen and updated [H/W Status] to also include this information. Added -NOGPUS to disable GPU information, -GPUS=n to set the number to display and updated [About] to include -GPUS. This reporting uses either ADL or NVAPI, so you need to have a supported graphics card and you may need to update to the latest driver release to for the % GPU Utilisation. Added the [GPU Info] panel shows the raw GPU information that is returned to SIV.
Updated [USB Bus] to indicate the bus hierarchy. Corrected the [Wi-Fi] page's reporting of 802.11n Radios. Fixed Thermal Zone reporting for 32-bit Windows Vista.
Added the [CLSID] page which lists all the CLSIDs which have a shell command association.
Added support for the PCA9544 SMBus multiplexor on the Tyan S3992 motherboard. This allows the DIMM SPD information and all the [SMB Bus] devices to be reported.
Version 4.09 released on 14-Jun-2010
Added support for the Intel Core i3 M300 / i5 M500 (Arrandale) series and Core i7 Extreme X940 (Clarksfield) processors.
Added support to report the nVidia MCP7A-ION chipset memory timings. Updated the [PCI Bus] page to use direct PCI access to read the MCP7A-ION Memory Controllers. Added the -DIRECT qualifier which can be used to find devices which are hidden from the Windows HAL.
Added the [Thermal Zones] page to display ACPI Thermal Zone information, modified the [Initial] and [H/W Status] pages to include ACPI Thermal Zone temperatures.
Added the [Audio] page which provides a summary of Audio Devices and Codecs.
Updated the [PCI Bus] page to display the Negotiated and Maximum PCI Express Lanes.
Added the [ACPI HAL] page which lists all the nodes in the ACPI HAL tree for Windows 2000 and later ACPI compliant systems. Added the -NOACPI startup qualifier to disable use of [ACPI HAL] and updated [About] to display the -ACPI state.
Added the Configuration panel (Menu->Tools->Configuration) can be used to set the -SCSI and -DELL modes of operation.
Changed the SPD Summary to display the SMBus location and added reporting of the SuperMicro X8DA3 motherboard DIMM SPD information.
Added support for the Intel 840 chipset and updated the Intel 850, 850E and 860 chipset reporting.
Version 4.08 released on 14-May-2010
Added initial support for the Intel Atom Z600 (Tunnel Creek) processor and updated the Intel Core 2 E7000 (Wolfdale) series, AMD Phenom II X6 (Thuban), Phenom II X4 (Zosma) and Athlon 64 X2 3250e (Brisbane) processor support.
Added reporting of the current memory Row Cycle Time (tRC). Added Averages and Disk Drives to the [H/W Status] page.
Enhanced the [Lookup] page to automatically check for updated definition files and added the [WEB UPD] button which will download the updated versions of any out-of-date definition files. Added all of the Unicode and 64-bit add-on .ZIP files to Menu->File->Download.
Added the [PNP Devices] panel for both the local and remote systems and created pnpdevs.txt to contain the PNP Device ID definitions.
Added the [PCI BARs] panel which lists all the PCI BAR addresses used by all the PCI devices. Looking at this panel you can tell which PCI device is limiting the memory used by 32-bit Windows systems which have 4GB of physical memory.
Added support for the SiS 746, 735 and 964 chipsets to report the MCH Memory Timing information and to implement SMBus access.
Added support for the VIA P4M890 Chipset and VT8237A SMBus controller.
Added the [SMBus Setup] page which can be used to change the SMBus Scan Range and exclude specific slave addresses.
Added support for -TAGS=SPD, the information reported is basically the same as [SPD Summary].
Corrected the fan speed reporting for the ITE IT8720F and IT8718F LPC I/O sensor chips.
Fixed the reporting of USB String Descriptors which would cause an application fault either interactively for the USB Device details page or when processing the [usb-all] section of a save operation.
Resolved an intermittent application fault when running for prolonged periods on some AMD Phenom, Athlon and Sempron processors.
Corrected the operation of [Domains] which could sometimes trigger an application fault if some third party network sharing products such as LogMeIn or Humyo WebDav are being used.
Version 4.07 released on 14-Apr-2010
Added support for the EVGA W555, Intel S5500, Compaq W6000 and ASUS A7V SMBus multiplexors to facilitate the reporting of DIMM SPD information.
Added the [Chipsets] page which will display the chipset of all the systems on the network.
Updated the [Volumes] page to display sizes in MB, GB, TB or PB as appropriate and added a percentage used column
Added reporting of FB-DIMM temperatures for systems with the Intel 5000, 5400 and 7300 series of chipsets. Renamed [MSR Core] to [H/W Status] and added the display of FB-DIMM temperatures.
Added support for the nVidia nForce 790i chipset MCH Memory Timing and several nVidia SMBus controllers.
Added support for the ATI A3/U1 S2K chipset MCH Memory Timing and the Ali M7101 SMBus controller.
Added reporting of LPC GPIO configurations and enabled DIMM SPD reporting for the Tyan S2668 Dual-Xeon motherboard.
The Windows System information button, [System], has been renamed to [Windows] to reflect the Split Button / Right/Click menu being the Windows sub-menu. To maintain compatibility the save file section is still [system].
Version 4.06 released on 14-Mar-2010
Added SMBus support to the SIV driver and implemented the [SMB Bus] panel which will show all the SMBus Slave Devices on the system. By default the range 0x06 to 0x5F is searched, to change this use the [Tune] panel to update the SMBus Base and SMBus Limit SIV registry entries.
Added the [SPD Details] and [SPD Summary] panels which report the SPD information for the system DIMMs. Added [ SPD ] to the initial screen as to replace [SMART] which is available via the colour blob.
Added Memory Timing reporting for the Intel 5000, 5400 and 7300 chipsets by reading the current values from the AMBs (Advanced Memory Buffers).
Added support for the AMD Phenom II X6 (Thuban) and Phenom II X4 (Zosma) processors.
Added PCIe support for the VIA P4M900, VX800 and VN1000 chipsets.
Added the [System Metrics] page which displays the current System Metric information.
Added the [MSR Core] page which displays the per core MSR derived sensor information. Added support for motherboards with multiple LPC I/O Sensors such as the EVGA W555. Use Nuvoton after the Winbond spin off.
Enhanced USB 3.0 support to report Super as a device speed and decode Endpoint Companion descriptors.
Resolved the issue of SIV, by default, only using 20 lines on some systems and added -NOSAME to disable same-as-before suppression.
Version 4.05 released on 14-Feb-2010
Added support for the VIA Nano 3000 series of processors.
Added support for the AMD Turion II Ultra M600 (Caspian), Turion II M500 (Caspian) and Athlon II M300 (Caspian) series of processors.
Added USB 3.0 support.
Version 4.04 released on 14-Dec-2009
Changed all the 64-bit add-ons to use Unicode and added SIV32X, the 32-bit Unicode add-on. Added -UNICODE switch to specify Unicode rather than ASCII save files should be generated.
Added recognition of the product types that were introduced in Windows 7.
Added support for AMD Athlon L100 processors, Intel Atom N400 (Pineview) processors and the Intel NM10 chipset.
Improved support for all languages that do not use the ANSI - Latin I (1252) code page by adding Neutral which uses 7-bit ASCII with the CP_ACP code page and using this when the default code page is other than ANSI - Latin I (1252). Updated the [SIV Languages] page to allow language selection. Added Chinese (Traditional) support and updated the Russian, Greek and Chinese (Simplified) descriptions.
Version 4.03 released on 14-Nov-2009
Changed the default screen layout to reflect each processor chip having multiple logical processors. Added the -NOCHIP qualifier to revert to the old style screen layout.
Added Disk Drive HDA Temperatures the default screen and Tooltips to show the range. The -NOSMART qualifier can be used to exclude them.
Added support for Vertical Scroll Bars and updated [Machine], [PCI Bus], [S/W Name], [S/W Date], [HotFixes], [Graphics], [Devices], [CPUs], [Device Tree], [USB Bus] and many other panels to utilise them.
Set default Tooltip AutoPop delay to 30 seconds and added the Delay Tooltip registry entry. Before it was usually 5 seconds for the default DoubleClickTime of 500ms.
Added dynamic update of the QPI/HT Link speed, added the speed range to the Tooltip and updated the CPU speed Tooltip to include the minimum speed.
Added support for the Intel Q57 PCI Express chipset and the Celeron Dual-Core T3000 (Penryn) Series of Processors.
Added the [WLAN Profiles] panel to display and optionally delete Native Wi-Fi WLAN Profiles. Changed to display a [Wi-Fi] rather than a [Modem] button for Windows Vista and later, also added a -MODEM switch.
Added [Save Selected] and enhanced [Save Local] to pop up a window as soon as the operation starts and update it as the save progresses. Corrected save to work on Windows 9x systems.
Enhanced [About] to show the state of the command switches.
Version 4.02 released on 14-Oct-2009
Updated to use Windows Themes on XP and later along with Split Buttons on Windows Vista and later. The -NOTHEME and -NOSPLIT qualifiers can be used to revert to the old style panels.
Added support for Intel Xeon (Westmere) and the AMD Athlon II (Propus) processors.
Added recognition of the Intel 82915GV and 82910GML chipsets.
Added the -TRAY qualifier which causes SIV to start minimized in the Icon Tray, that on Close, Alt+F5 or [ OK ] SIV should minimize rather than exit and to add a Exit SIV menu entry. The -TRAY qualifier may be combined with -MONITOR and/or -GRAPH.
Made the [Machine], [PCI Bus] and [MSR xxx] pages work on Wine/*nix systems when SIV is run as root. Added -KEEP which will create mode 644 "/dev/cpu/<n>/msr" devices and not delete them when SIV exits thus improving the operation of SIV for non-root users (by default mode 600 is used and the msr devices deleted).
Version 4.01 released on 14-Sep-2009
Added support for 256 CPUs on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 systems.
Moved almost all the SIV resources into a resource only DLL, SIVRES.dll, that is shared by all the SIV executables. SIV can be run without SIVRES.dll and the only effect is you don't get the logo images, etc..
Added support for the Intel Core i7 (Gulftown), Core i5 (Clarkdale), Xeon (Lynnfield) and Xeon MP (Beckton) along with Pentium Dual-Core (Penryn) processors.
Enhanced support for the Intel 3420 and P55 chipsets.
Added support for AMD Opteron (Istanbul), (Magny-Cours), Phenom II TWKR (Deneb), AMD Sempron (Sargas) processors and eight processor AMD Opteron configurations. Reworked the [MCH] page for all AMD64 based systems. Improved the reporting of HyperTransport information.
Changed to report on Windows Error Reporting (WER) rather than Dr Watson on Windows Vista/2008 and later systems.
Updated the [PCI Bus] page for improved reporting of the number of PCI buses and improved speed of device name lookup to pcidevs.txt.
Updated SIV to be aware of Wine and to report the Wine and Host System version number information. Currently SIV has been mainly tested with Wine 1.1.29, but I would expect SIV to work with all recent Wine releases. Once available Wine 1.1.30 is recommended as there are a number of fixes SIV benefits from. Some of the SIV pages do not work due to Wine not supporting the full Windows API, when this happens SIV will report the API routine and the error code.
Renamed the [Busy CPUs] page to [Test APIC], enhanced the worker thread code to check that the APIC of the CPU they are running on is as expected and the control thread to display the APIC test rates and incorrect APIC counts. Initially the tests are set to run without changing CPU ([Same CPU] mode). The check boxes or [Swap CPU] button can be used to tell the worker threads to switch between different CPUs ([Swap CPU] Mode).
Enhanced the [View Menus] page to have a search/highlight facility.
Correct the operation of 32-bit SIV on 64-bit systems to have the driver in %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\ rather than %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\Drivers\.
Added the System [File Cache] page and resolved a number of issues with Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 System File Cache reporting.
Added the [Font Families] page which shows all the installed Font Families and the Character Sets they support.
Added the [Graphics] page which shows all display modes for all installed Graphics Cards.
Enhanced [Machine] to report Onboard Devices Extended Information.
Version 4.00 released on 14-Jul-2009
Added native 64-bit mode for both ia64 (Intel Itanium) and x64 (Intel64 and AMD64). There are 2 new images SIV64I.exe for Itanium and SIV64X.exe for Intel64/AMD64 systems. In order to minimise web-site usage and as most users will not need the 64-bit executables these currently these are additional downloads. Note that the 32-bit SIV image can still be used on 64-bit systems, but the native images will provide improved performance and support for more than 32 CPUs.
Added support for Intel System Controller Hubs US15W, US15L and UL11L, the Intel 5100 and the Mobile Intel 4 Series PM45, GM45, GS45, GS40 and GL40 Series of chipsets.
Added support for the AMD Geode LX processor along with the DM&P Vortex 86 DX, Vortex 86 MX and the Intel Xeon L5400 processors.
Updated to use the new style Intel Processor and Chipset logos and improved chipset variant recognition. If SIV does not correctly report your Intel chipset please e-mail me the SIV -SAVE file, tell me what the chipset should actually be and I will try and improve things.
Change format of pcidevs.txt to be similar to all the other definition files used by SIV and implemented PCIDEVS.exe for maintenance. Add PCIDEVS to the website downloads section. I have also added a lot of new devices and made a start to generally tidy things up. Note that I no longer use the PCIDEVS.txt from Craig Hart's site.
Updated the operation of -SAVE to output the names of the save files to STDOUT, use the same name for the .DMI file as the .TXT file and enhanced the SIV command parsing to allow quoted file names which can be used in command lines such as SIV64X -SAVE=[OVERVIEW]="C:\Documents and Settings\save.txt" | more. The recommended command to generate save files is now SIV -SAVE | MORE, but using either SIV64X or SIV64I for 64-bit systems.
Enhanced the [PCI Bus] page for systems with a lot of PCI Devices, more than would fit on one screen, by adding navigation buttons similar to the ones used on [Network] panels. Corrected the operation of [PCI Dev] for none English Windows systems which stored "Device PCI" rather then "PCI Device" in the Location Information.
Added the [CPU Groups] page and updated SIV for systems with multiple CPU Groups. This has been validated on both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 using V6.01 Build 7100 RC1 and Build 7264, however there may be issues with earlier builds due to SetThreadGroupAffinity() function changing from taking 2 parameters to 3. Currently SIV is still limited to 64 CPUs in total and I plan to address this in SIV V4.01, to this end if you have access to a system with more than 32 CPUs and would like to help test a SIV V4.01 Beta please e-mail me.
Added the [csv] or [csv-titles] section to the SIV save file. Basically this section contains all the system and processor information that is summarised on the initial page in an orthogonal form that is easier to parse. [csv-titles] will include title/header lines that help in knowing what all the numbers represent. The general form is "system name",TAG,#,"p1","p2",... [SUB,"s1","s2",...]... If an atom is not quoted then it's a TAG, # or SUB directive, otherwise it's a TAG/SUB parameter. Future versions of SIV may add extra parameters, but existing parameters will NEVER be removed. If several SUBs are reporting the same set of information such as L1T/L1C/L1D/L2C/L2U/L3U cache information SUBs then they will all have exactly the same parameters. Currently the following TAGs are implemented. SYS Overall System information, MCH Memory Controller information, SMB SMBIOS System information, DIM SMBIOS Memory DIMM information, TMP System Temperatures, FAN System Fan Speeds, VLT System Voltages, MAP Disk Drive to Volume Mapping with Drive Letters, DSK Disk Drive SMART information and CPU Processor information More may be added in future releases of SIV. To finely control which TAGs are returned the -TAGS qualifier can be used the syntax is -TAGS[=TAG[:TAG]...] specifying -TAGS implies -SAVE=[csv] -NODMI.
Version 3.36 released on 14-May-2009
Added support for Intel Core i5 (Lynnfield) processors together with the Intel P55 chipset.
Added recognition of Windows 7 and validated on Build 7000 Beta 1 and Build 7100 RC1.
Added support for Intel Core Duo L2000 (Yonah) series of low power processors.
Allow for the Windows Task Bar being at the top of the screen.
Version 3.35 released on 14-Jan-2009
Added support for Intel Xeon (Gainestown) and Intel Atom Dual-Core (Diamondville) processors.
Added support for the Intel G41, Q43 and Q45 chipsets.
Added initial support for the Intel QuickPath X58 (Tylersburg) chipset.
Version 3.34 released on 03-Oct-2008
Added support for the Core i7 (Bloomfield) 900 series processors.
Added the [Extents] page that lists a files extent information.
Added reporting of the nVidia nForce2 chipset memory speed information.
Changed the SIV -MONITOR logging to log even on systems without sensors.
Version 3.33 released on 14-Aug-2008
Validated and improved Intel Nehalem architecture support on a Core 2 (Bloomfield) system.
Improved support for Intel Atom (Diamondville) and (Silverthorne) processors.
Added the [My IP Address] page that gives the IP Address of the current internet connection.
Updated MONDEVS, PCMDEVS and USBDEVS to refer to and corrected the operation on 64-bit windows.
Corrected the SIV -MONITOR logging of the current fan speeds.
Version 3.32 released on 14-Jul-2008
Added -GRAPHICS qualifier that displays a small window showing per CPU % CPU time usage. Updated the [CPU Usage] and [Busy CPUs] panels to plot % CPU usage graphs and added % CPU usage graphs to the initial panel.
Added support for Intel P45, G45 and ICH10 chipsets.
Allow for the FSB:DRAM ratio changing and added support for P-State transitions on AMD Phenom and Puma systems.
Added support for AMD Phenom Black Edition and Sempron 64 LE processors.
Improved the reporting of Intel LV and ULV processors, corrected VID decode and added Tooltips that display the CPU VID voltage parameters.
Enhanced the [Machine] page to report the Status, Location and when available the Nominal (Current) values for the Voltage, Current and Temperature Probes.
Improved the [Wi-Fi] reporting for Windows XP SP2 and SP3 systems.
Version 3.31 released on 14-Jun-2008
Added support for Intel Nehalem architecture processors. These include the Xeon MP (Beckton), Xeon DP (Gainestown), Core 2 Extreme (Bloomfield), Core 2 Quad (Lynnfield), Core 2 Duo (Havendale), Mobile Core 2 Quad (Clarksfield), Mobile Core 2 Duo (Auburndale).
Added support for the Intel Xeon MP (Dunnington) and corrected 3 and 6 core support in general. Reworked overview page layout for systems with more than 8 cores.
Added the [Bluetooth] panel to report known Bluetooth devices. Currently only the Microsoft Bluetooth stack is supported.
Added support for AMD Opteron (Shanghai), Phenom (Deneb), (Propos), (Regor), Turion (Lion) and (Griffin) processors.
Added support for Intel Atom (Diamondville) processors and improved (Silverthorne) reporting.
Added support for VIA Nano (Isaiah) processors, improved C3 (Nehemiah) and C7 (Esther) support.
Improved Fintek F71882F and Winbond W83627THF LPC I/O based sensor reporting.
Enhanced the [Network] pages to allow for several thousand systems being in the same domain. Please send me feedback if you have a network with few thousand systems.
Extended -save to add -save=[hardware] to just save hardware information and [network] sub-items such as -save=[cpus][nodes].
Version 3.30 released on 28-Apr-2008
Added initial support for Intel Atom (Silverthorne) processors.
Added Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2000 (Yonah) series processor support.
Improved support for AMD Phenom, Mobile AMD-K6-2+ and AMD-K6-III+ processors.
Added initial Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 support, the Intel A100 (Stealey) series of processors.
Corrected Intel 80386 and 80486 processor support.
Version 3.29 released on 14-Feb-2008
Updated SIV for Windows Server 2008 RTM and Windows Vista SP1 RTM.
Updated to use Windows Vista SP1 WDK (6001.18000) for the SIV Drivers.
Update for the latest (December 2007) Intel® Processor Identification and CPUID Instruction application note (AP-485).
Restored sensor reporting for the Winbond W83781D and similar sensors that do not have an LPC I/O interface.
Version 3.28 released on 14-Jan-2008
Added initial support for the Intel X48, 5400A and 5400B Chipsets.
Added the [Mapping] page which shows the mappings from Disk Drives to Volumes.
Added persistent -DELL and -NODELL qualifiers to Enable and Disable use of the Dell BIOS Sensor interface. The default state is -NODELL.
Improved reporting of Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2218 (Santa Rosa), Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-60 (Trinidad) and similar CPUs.
Version 3.27 released on 14-Dec-2007
Updated the -SAVE file to include the match names and added lots of new match names to allow better selection of information.
Updated [Sensors] to allow for fans stopping, added specific support for several motherboards and changed -MONITOR to use the CPU VID and DTS when supported.
Added the [Wi-Fi] page to dynamically lists the Wi-Fi SSID, Signal Strength, Channel, Frequency, Radio Type, Authentication, Cipher and MAC Address. Note that on Windows XP systems the Wireless LAN API for Windows XP Service Pack 2 hotfix needs to be installed and your host adapter driver need to support Native Wi-Fi.
Enhanced the [Adapters] page to dynamically update. More information is reported if SIV fails to start it's device driver service.
Version 3.26 released on 14-Nov-2007
Updated [Machine] for the SMBIOS V2.6a Preliminary Standard and to improve the ASUS P5WD2-Premium PCI/PCI Express slot usage decode.
Updated the Dell BIOS based Fan Speed and Temperature reporting to work with more systems.
Improved the [System] page's reporting of nVidia Graphics Cards.
Corrected the [Monitor] page's reporting of large screen sizes.
Enhanced the Windows 2000 [USB Bus] support to create the missing HCDn definitions for USB2 Root Hubs.
Version 3.25 released on 14-Oct-2007
Added support for the AMD Opteron X4 (Barcelona) and improved the AMD Phenom processor reporting.
Improved Intel Core 2 (Penryn), (Wolfdale), (Yorkfield) and Intel Xeon (Harpertown) reporting.
Added support for the SMSC LPC47B397, SCH5307 and SCH5317 sensor chips that are used on many HP systems.
Added support for Dell BIOS based Fan Speed and Temperature reporting. Thankyou to Christian Diefer for the interface details.
Support added for the nVIDIA nForce 680i SLI (C55XE) and improved for the Intel X38 and 3200 chipsets.
Corrected Windows NT4 support for removable disks to prevent popups when no disk is loaded and the [HotFix] information.
Version 3.24 released on 14-Sep-2007
Added initial support for AMD Phenom X4 (Agena) and X2 (Kuma) processors.
Added support for the Intel Itanium 2 (Montvale) and corrected CPU speed display for Montecito.
Added dynamic update of the Memory Speed for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and RDRAM based systems.
Updated support for Windows Server 2008 and validated SIV on the x64 Enterprise Edition.
Added LPC I/O configuration reporting and improved support for ITE IT8716F environment controller.
Version 3.23 released on 14-Aug-2007
Added support for the Intel Xeon MP 7300 (Tigerton) and Core2 Mobile T7100 series of CPUs.
Added support for the Intel E8500, E8501, PM965 and GM965 PCI Express chipsets and the nVidia nForce 5.
Reworked CPU speed calculation for faster start-up on systems with multiple CPUs.
Added [DbgPrintEx] to allow the Current and Permanent DbgPrintEx Filters to be changed.
Updated the [SMART] code to optionally use IRP_MJ_SCSI Driver Internal I/O Controls which can be enabled with the -SCSI start-up qualifier. If you have disk drives that the [SMART] page is unable to read the SMART information from using this facility may resolve the issue. The problem is usually caused by bugs in the PATA/SATA host controller driver. I have found that Microsoft and Intel drivers usually work. If you see a problem and are in a position to resolve the issue with the problem driver please contact me and I will happily work with you to achieve this.
Version 3.22 released on 14-Jul-2007
Added support for the Intel Celeron E400 and Pentium Dual-Core E2000 sequence processors.
Added [Processors] and -SAVE=[Processors] to report/save the System Processor configuration.
Added [Battery] page to report the battery status and configuration.
Improved support for the Intel G35, P35, Q35, X38 North bridges which are used with the ICH9 South Bridge, the Intel E7525, E7520 North bridges and the 6300ESB South Bridge. Improved the reporting of AMD Athlon, Opteron, Sempron and Turion NPT Family Processors. Corrected the memory size reported for Windows Vista systems with more than 6GB of memory.
Version 3.21 released on 07-Jun-2007
Added initial support for the Intel Core 2 (Penryn), (Wolfdale), (Ridgefield), (Yorkfield) and Intel Xeon (Harpertown) 45nm CPUs.
Improved the Network [CPUs] page reporting of Intel Core 2 processors.
Add reporting of the ITE IT8712F, IT8716F and IT8718F sensor chip version and improved the Fan Speeds reported.
Added the [Disk SMART] page that reports Disk Drive status information. This is currently only for SATA and PATA drives, SCSI will be added in future.
Added initial support for the Intel G35, P35, Q35, X38 and ICH9 Chipsets.
Added [DIMMs] and -SAVE=[DIMMs] to report/save information on the System Identity and the Memory DIMM configuration.
Extended -MONITOR mode logging to also log the current System Physical Memory, Paging File and File Cache usage.
[SIV website] updated to
Version 3.20 released on 24-Feb-2007
Added the VeriSign Digital Signatures that are needed to use the SIV Driver on Windows Vista x64 Editions.
Added AMD Athlon 64 (Brisbane) and Intel Core 2 Duo X7800 (Merom XE) processor support.
Version 3.19 released on 14-Dec-2006
Validated Windows Vista V6.00 Build 6000 support. Updated [PCI Dev] and [Devices] for registry changes.
Added Intel Core 2 (Conroe) E6850, E6750 and E6650 processor support.
Added Winbond W83627DHG sensor support and corrected W83627EHG Fan 4 divisor.
Added reporting of PCI Vital Product Data and PCI Express Maximum and Negotiated Link Speed and Width (Lanes).
Added reporting of SMX Safer Mode Extensions. Corrected size reporting for Dual Channel Asymetric memory on Intel PCI Express chipsets. Reworked the PCI Express reporting to allow for PCIEXBAR being co-mapped with memory on some systems with more than 3.5GB of memory.
Version 3.18 released on 14-Nov-2006
Added Intel Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield) and Intel Xeon Quad Core (Clovertown) support.
Updated to include the System Management BIOS V2.5 additions.
Updated the PCI Bridge information to include the Memory Mapped I/O ranges.
Corrected Pentium D (Presler and Cedar Mill) to report Socket T LGA-775.
Version 3.17 released on 14-Oct-2006
Added [Busy CPUs] that runs an Idle Priority thread on each CPU thereby causing all the CPUs to be 100% Busy.
Added [CPU Usage] that shows the Current User, Kernel, DPC and Interupt % CPU per Processor and for the System.
Renamed the Registry menu to Machine to better reflect it's contents and it being the Right-Press menu for [Machine].
Added support for Intel Xeon 7000 (Tulsa) and AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile (Taylor) processors.
Use High Resolution Performance Counters for [Cache] pages to guarantee accurate times.
Enhanced the Intel Core 2 and Intel Core temperature reporting to read the Tj(Max) reference from the CPU.
Added support for separate L2 Code and L2 Data Caches.
Corrected Intel Itanium 2 DC (Montecito) Core and Logical processor reporting.
Updated [Machine] to fix crash on Advent Series and to compensate for badly formed SMBios on MS-6330 motherboards.
Version 3.16 released on 14-Sep-2006
Added [Smart Cards] to display active Smart Card Reader information.
Updated Processor Number reporting for Intel Core 2 Duo (Allendale).
Added PCI-X 266 and PCI-X 533 device reporting.
Added [F/W Table] to show the IA-64 Firmware Interface Table. Added SAL_A and SAL_B version display.
Updated [Machine] to prevent SIV crashing in exceptional circumstances.
Updated [MSRs AMD] to prevent lockup of AMD Athlon Model 10 (Barton) caused by reading MSR 0xC0010117.
Corrected FSB Multipliers for AMD Athlon Model 10 (Barton).
Version 3.15 released on 14-Aug-2006
Improve Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5384 support. Added manifest to enable SIV to use SIVDRIVER by default. Corrections are [RegEdt] initial key, [Monitor] Descriptions, and more.
Added Intel Core 2 Extreme (Conroe) and Intel Xeon Dual Core (Sossaman) reporting and Engineering Sample recognition.
Added Intel Itanium 2 DC (Montecito) support, improved and corrected existing Itanium and Itanium 2 reporting.
Added Intel Core 2 and Intel Core Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) based Temperature reporting.
Enhanced Menus for remote system information panels and added consistent sub-menus.
Enhanced [Cache Latency] for caches of size 2^N * 1.5 (1.5MB, 3.0MB, 6.0MB, etc.).
Improved Intel i965 (Northbridge) and ICH8 (Southbridge) chipset support.
Version 3.14 released on 14-Jul-2006
Added reporting of the Windows Vista Edition, Home, Business, Ultimate, etc..
Added Tooltips to clarify the information SIV shows and what action will result from a button press.
Improved Intel Core 2 (Conroe) and (Merom) reporting. Added Intel Xeon (Woodcrest) and (Clovertown) support.
Added [PCMCIA], [ACPI] and [Monitors] pages.
Added View Menus to the Edit sub-menu that shows a summary of the currently available menus.
Updated [Volumes] to open the Drive and Path using Explorer and added a separate Eject icon and Tooltips.
Added [Drive A:] through to [Drive Z:] pages to display file system statistics.
Added Intel i965 (Northbridge) and ICH8 (Southbridge) chipset support.
Improved the reporting of the CPU speed and voltage for Intel Core, Core 2, Pentium D, Pentium 4 and Xeon processors.
Added [MSR UPD] to show MSR values as they change and have enhanced all the MSR display pages to allow selection of the CPU.
Updated the [Devices] and [PCI Devs] to correct the Maker and Description on Windows Vista.
Version 3.13 released on 14-Jun-2006
Added support for AMD Socket AM2 and Socket F processors and DRAM controllers.
Added [SW Keys] and enhanced the [System] and [Install] panels to display Windows Product Keys.
Added switches to control if Windows Product Keys are shown (-KEYS) or hidden (-NOKEYS). The default is hidden.
Improved reporting of overclocked Pentium D 805 processors.
Corrected the [Domains] page to show only Domains for some foreign installations.
Enhanced the [Features] page to report Asymmetries on Multi-Processor systems.
Improved the USB display for vendor specific class with Multiple Interfaces or Alternate settings.
Version 3.12 released on 14-May-2006
Added System Power Capabilities information page.
Added initial support for Intel Core 2 (Conroe) processor.
Added reporting on Windows Media Center and Tablet PC variants and also Windows 2003 Server R2.
Added [Remove SIV] page. This page facilitates the removal of the SIV Driver Service and the SIV Registry Keys.
Added -NODRIVER qualifier to allow SIV to run without using it's kernel mode driver.
Improved [Modems] for Broadband and ISDN connections.
Improved [S/W Name], [S/W Date] and [Hotfixs] pages to allow for more installed packages.
Corrected [Routing] for long DNS names and Windows repaint issue.
Version 3.11 released on 04-Apr-2006
Updated for Intel Core Duo and Intel Core Solo including the processor numbers.
Added the motherboard Maker and Model to the initial information.
Added System Paging file infornation display page.
Improved reporting for dual CPU systems that have an AMD Athlon with an AMD Duron.
Added Mutex Interlocks to synchronsize access to the Sensors and SMBus.
Improved Dutch translation.
Version 3.10 released on 18-Feb-2006
CPU Logos updated to use the new Intel Logos for new CPUs.
Added new CPU cache sizes and steppings.
Version 3.09 released on 14-Dec-2005
[PCI Bus] enhanced to show Bridged Bus numbers and added support for the Intel i975X chipset.
Corrected the [All Devices] and [PCI Devices] pages for non-English Windows instalations.
Version 3.08 released on 14-Nov-2005
Pentium D (Presler), Pentium 4 (Cedarmill) and Pentium M (Yonah) support added.
Default font changed to be Font: Tahoma Weight: 400 Point size: 9 to give better inter language interoperability.
Changed to initially use English. Added Czech, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Turkish language support. Improved existing translations. Please E-Mail me with any further corrections and/or offers to help with the translation to additional languages.
Added Tooltips that indicate HTTP: and MAILTO: targets.
Version 3.07 released on 16-Oct-2005
Sempron 64 (Palermo E6) and Pentium D Xeon (Paxville) support added.
Network panels enhanced with the addition of a [Filter] panel to allow filtering by Server Type and by Node Name. Node Names matched by the Primary list are always included, those matched by the Include list are included unless matched by the Exclude list.
Initial support added for Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Klingon, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vulcan, Swedish and Welsh. The more technical pages in SIV will only be in English. I have used Franglais/Dinglish/etc. when expedient. Please note I am a Software Engineer, not a Linguist, so the translations are likely need improvement.
[COM Size] enhanced to add the editing of the button labels and message text. The C convention of \r and \n are supported.
Version 3.06 released on 24-Sep-2005
Added Windows Vista reporting and validated SIV on the Beta 1 release (Build 5112).
[TCP Ports] and [UDP Ports] now show DNS names and for Windows XP SP2 and later the image name.
Enhanced [Routing] to add a sub-net Ping page. The [Ping] typically takes 4 seconds for 254 IP addresses.
Added Windows System File Cache and Feature Flag reporting.
[PCI Bus] added AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 HyperTransport Technology, Address Map and DRAM Controller support.
Enhanced Dual Core Opteron and Athlon 64 reporting.
[PCI Bus] added Intel E7230 and AMD 64 DRAM Host Bridge chipset support.
Added facility to find USB descriptor strings. Note: doing this will cause some USB devices to fail !
Version 3.05 released on 14-Jul-2005
Added reporting of Windows NTFS Streams, accessed via the File menu.
Added periodic logging of [Sensor] information when SIV is used in -MONITOR mode. Improved Winbond W83627THF support.
Added latest Athlon 64 and Opteron steppings
Added reporting of both WOW32 and WOW64 Startup programs for Windows x64 systems.
[PCI Bus] improved i955X, i945P and i945G chipset support, corrected memory speed reporting.
Added support for setting FTDI USB to Serial converter speed configuration, accessed via the [COM Ports] panel.
Added facility to read USB descriptor strings. Note: requesting invalid strings will cause some USB devices to fail !
Version 3.04 released on 19-Jun-2005
Added Context Menus and the SIV Cursor.
Added AMD Athlon X2 support and updated AMD Athlon and Opteron Code Names.
Added the display of the CPU Logo, Windows Logo and Chipset Logo along with their sounds.
For Windows x64 Editions added KEY_WOW64_64KEYWOW_32 and KEY_WOW64_64KEYWOW_64 registry awareness.
[PCI Bus] added support for i945G chipset and improved i955X chipset support.
[CPUs] and [System] added display of the physical memory.
[PCI Bus] added support for more than 32 buses by using the Secondary and Subordinate Bus Numbers.
[Setup Log] added the ability to configure the Windows Setup API logging levels.
[Sensors] added support for Winbond W83627EHG and improved W83627EHF reporting.
[MCH] improved the reporting of Performance Acceleration Technology for i875 and i865 chipsets.
Version 3.03 released on 16-May-2005
EM64T and AMD64 support added for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions.
[PCI Bus] added Intel ICH7, 6300ESB and 955X. Improved existing PCI Express chipset support.
Version 3.02 released on 07-Apr-2005
[PCI Bus] added Intel E8500 and E7221. Improved existing PCI Express chipset support.
[Modems] corrected Accvio which occurred on some systems.
[Features] added Execute Disable bit (XD) reporting.
Pentium D 800 (Smithfield) support added (Dual Core).
Pentium 4 Xeon (Irwindale) support added.
Intel Processor Number display for Mobile systems improved.
Version 3.01 released on 14-Feb-2005
Pentium 4 600 (2MB Cache) support added.
Mobile Intel 915 chipset support added and enhanced 915, 925, E7520 and E7525 support.
VMX Virtual Machine Extension reporting added.
Version 3.00 released on 16-Jan-2005
[Network] pages much faster for large networks and for slow responses the delay time is displayed.
[Cache Latency] information page added thanks to Franck Delattre.
[Mail SIV] now includes the SIV system summary in the message.
[PCI Bus] now supports PCI Express for Intel 915, 925, E7520 and E7525 chipsets.
[Joysticks] report page added.
Dynamic update of Processor (CPU) and System Bus (FSB) speeds added.
SIV driver startup issue with Bart PE resolved.
-SAVE output format can now to specified with -CSV and -TSV qualifiers.
Pentium 4F, Pentium 4J and AMD Sempron support added.
Version 2.11 released on 14-Jul-2004
[IP Address] page added to show Network IP addresses and Adapters.
[Adapters] systems Network Adapters and [Interface] active network interfaces added.
[Counters] current TCP, UCP, IP and ICMP counters added.
[ARP Table] current IP to MAC address mappings and [Routing] IP routing table added.
[TCP Ports] active TCP Ports and [UDP Ports] active UDP Ports added.
[Modems] page enhanced to show peak and current transfer rates.
[Drives] page added that shows Disk, CD-ROM and Tape drives.
[Geometry] page added that shows Disk Geometry.
[Volumes] page now displays Available space in addition to Free space.
[Prev] and [Next] facility added, use of system menus extended.
Pentium 4E Xeon (Nocona) and Pentium M (Dothan) support added.
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