ProgramDownload or Information URLINUSE_STSNamespace and Version
AIDA64 v2.80.2349 Global from v1.20.1173
ASTRA32 Global from ?
ATITool Local - needs fixing
ASUS AI Suite No Locks!
CAM (NZXT) CPUZ Locks + NZXT specified Access_USB_Sensors support would be added but has not.
Corsair Link CPUZ Locks + CorsairLinkReadWriteGuardMutex from CL, intentionally broken in CL, never worked in iCUE.
CPUZ Global
Crucial MOD No Locks!
GPU Caps Viewer No Locks!
GPUZ Global from 0.4.7
HWiNFO32 v4.15.1885 Global from v3.60
HWiNFO64 v4.15.1885 Global from v3.81
Hmonitor Local - needs fixing
HWMonitor Global
HWMonitorPro Global
MSIAfterburner No Locks!
NVIDIA Inspector Global from
Open HW Monitor Global from V0.3.0 Beta
SIV V4.32 Global from V4.07 and Dynamic from V4.12
SpeedFan Global from 4.42
Thaiphoon Burner No Locks!
TMonitor Global