The PNP Device ID's Page

Welcome to the PNP device list

You can download pnpdevs.exe (zipped) here.

pnpdevs.exe is a program that will scan your system and generate a file called pnpdevs.upd, which contains any additional data found in your Windows installation about PNP devices, which pnpdevs.txt doesn't already have listed. To use this program, extract it to the same folder as pnpdevs.txt, and run it as follows: pnpdevs %SystemRoot%\inf %SystemRoot%\ServicePackFiles  You can include other paths to locations containing Windows driver .INF files for PNP devices on the command line (the two paths given above point to Windows default driver .INF locations). The pnpdevs utility will scan each path for .INF files, read and interpret their contents then extract all data necessary to add recognition of these devices to pnpdevs.txt

Ray sure would appreciate it if you would send him a copy of any pnpdevs.upd files your systems create. You can do this by emailing a copy of the pnpdevs.upd diff-file to siv (at) rh-software (dot) com.

pnpdevs.exe will also generate a new file called pnpdevs.???, where ??? is a three digit number. This file is a new version of pnpdevs.txt incorporating the updates you have just detected. If you replace the original pnpdevs.txt with this file (i.e. rename it to .txt), SIV should now recognise all your devices. Note that it is recommended that you do not distribute versions of pnpdevs.txt which you generate yourself; please only distribute official versions you download from this website.